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Switch science, inc.

switch science

Our company, Switch Science, is one of an open source hardware retailers in Japan. We believe that we are delivering almost all Arduino units in Japan, and we are importing and manufacturing preassembled electronic modules to deliver to the users who “want to achieve something by using the electronic circuit.

Switch Science è una ditta specializzata in hardware open source. Oltre a distribuire Arduino in Giappone produciamo e importiamo moduli elettronici premontati per Makers e appassionati di elettronica.

Exhibition at Maker Faire Rome

We will exhibit the following products that we are going to sell or already selling, they are part of our product. – DSLR Universal Interval IR Remote – Vanilla Shield for Arduino (prototyping shield) – MEMS IR Thermal Sensor and Wire Harness – I2C small LCD board – Wallbot: You can stick the Robot with a magnet on the wall – RAPIRO: The Humanoid Robot Kit for your Raspberry Pi.

Siamo presenti al MAKER FAIRE con i seguenti prodotti: – RAPIRO: Il robottino umanoide compatibile con Raspberry Pi – Vanilla Shield per Arduino (prototyping shield) – DSLR Universal Interval IR Remote – MEMS IR Sensore termico con cavi di connessione – I2C small LCD board – Wallbot: Il robot magnetico in grado di affrontare superfici verticali.