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MilkyWay is an innovative company providing individuals interested in extreme sports with the possibility to purchase a selection of top quality gear as well as MilkyWay’s high end engineered products. Clients can communicate with other like-minded users within the company’™s social mapping software and can purchase products online through MilkWay’™s e-commerce which is strongly supported by a community of highly committed users. MilkyWay pursues innovation by turning the feedbacks of the community members into real products. On the other hand, facilitates the users’ aggregation with a totally new social experience based on an online reunion of enthusiast extreme sports practitioners. The company’s native attitude to technological transfer is enhanced by the strategic positioning in one of the excellent districts of Made in Italy: the Modena Mechanical cluster. This provides an added value for building a strong competitive advantage based on high quality and premier technologies. Thanks to the tight link between technical and commercial vision, MilkyWay is building a new, unique and powerful business model, whose biggest plus is to be highly scalable to many extreme sports fast-growing markets.

Exhibition at Maker Faire Rome

Superlightweight MTB for Kids Biketrials hubs and Wheels Carbon Kevlar Shinguards Patented Bashguard for vehicle transmission.