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Meet Brian Krzanich (Intel) and other speakers at “How to reMake the World”

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Maker Faire Rome is about to launch its opening conference presented by Riccardo Luna: meet some of the great speakers participating in How to reMake the World on October 3rd.

First of all, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich will have a public talk for the first time in Europe. Intel has already been a partner of Maker Faires around the world and will be a main sponsor of the first European Maker Faire.

Take a look at nine of our speakers:

Brian Krzanich (CEO at Intel), Raffaello D’Andrea (Professor at ETH Zurich), Dale Dougherty (Founder of MAKE Magazine), David Gauntlett (Author of ‘Making is Connecting’), Josef Prusa (RepRap Core Developer), Tomas Diez (Director at Fab Lab Barcelona) and young makers Joey Hudy (Extreme Marshmallow Cannon Inventor), Jack Andraka (2012 Intel ISEF Winner), Ionut Budisteanu (2013 Intel Gordon E. Moore Award Winner).

Do you want to join us at “How to reMake the World”? Register on Eventbrite and get your free ticket now!


Brian Krzanich Raffaello D'Andrea Dale Dougherty
Josef Prusa Tomas Diez
Joey Hudy Jack Andraka Ionut Budisteanu
From the top left: Brian Krzanich, Raffaello D’Andrea, Dale Dougherty,David Gauntlett, Josef Prusa, Tomas Diez, Joey Hudy, Jack Andraka and Ionut Budisteanu.