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Smallest mobile FabLab of the world with new 3Dprinters

fablab maastricht

FabLab Maastricht shows 3D-printing with different materials in the world smallest mobile FabLab: a converted tricycle with laser cutter, vinyl cutter, 3D scanner and 4 folding printers (of own design) 3D printing with bioplastic, biorubber, porcelain and chocolate draw your own 3D printing design on the iPad with Doodle3D (f.e. your name, your friend’s cat etc) and we will print it for you within 15 minutes would you like a bracelet or ring of bioplastic in trendy colors, we print it customized to your size within 15 minutes do you want a copy of a small object, we scan it within 15 minutes by our FabScan do you want a 3D printed copy of yourself or your girlfriend then come into our dressing room (dark room :) ) and we scan your torso in 10 minutes and print it out in 1 hour do you want your picture printed in 3D, we can print an litophane, the combination of an old craft and new techniques you are also addicted to chocolate? Come and taste the products of our chocolate printer! it is amazing to see what is possible to make with such a small mobile fablab!


Smallest mobile FabLab of the world with new 3DprintersMaastricht FabLab
Frits Hoff is founder and CEO of FabLab Maastricht. As an educational technologist he likes to share knowledge about new techniques and make them better. Floris Hoff is student industrial product design and main engineer of FabLab Maastricht. He build all 3D-printers and developed most of the new extruders and 3D-printers. If we need to show all activities together we need to come with a larger team.