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RecycLab is an eco-friendly and collaborative workshop wich suggests to the participants transforming collectively worn-out furniture stemming from recycling through innovative technologies.



guide mfFaubourg 132
Faubourg 132 is a collective of artists and designers established in 2011. The Faubourg 132 association makes a commitment to develop a forward-looking approach in the field of the design by questioning the new manufacturing processes and working on the closeness between manufacturers, designers, and public. On one hand, it tries to favor the links between the technical skills detained by companies and innovations of young designers. On the other hand, it suggests redefining the role of the designer as the relay between technique, technology and public creator through participative workshops. Faubourg132 acts in favour of a production of objects among which manufacturing costs and ecological impact are reduced to their minimum. Also, the group claims the practice of a social and humanist design, by and for everyone.