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Personal Product Objects

We think that the future of 3D printing in both the mix of craftsmanship and technology. In this case we have combined the potential of our PowerWasp with the knowledge of concrete based materials to obtain innovative objects. Our first design for a “Personal Product” starts with the shilouette of your face: we want to turn it into an object! So we’re developing a design process that starts from your portrait’s profile (that becomes into a path for create a revolution solid in 3D) and transforms it into a formwork for a lamp, or a vase, or… something else. The production method begins with the 3d printing of the formwork (PLA) that is used for molding the vase with a concrete specifically made for design objects. This molding operation is not a common solution because we’re going to centrifuge the concrete into this formwork! The project is started and we’re at work.


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