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OSVEHICLE the 1st industrializable Open Source Vehicle


Open Source Vehicle, the concept of industralizable open source hardware designed for the automotive industry. From now on, anyone, with OSV, will be able to create his or her own personalized vehicle: manufacturers, automotive companies, but also designers, makers, and enthusiasts. OSV is based on a universal platform that anyone can modify or improve at will, to build the vehicle that best satisfies his needs.

Tabby – this is what the first universal chassis is called – is the heart and basis of OSV. 100% versatile and flexible, it allows the assembly of any type of vehicle, with 2 or 3 wheels, city cars, golf carts, street food vehicles, off-road.

One of the main features of Tabby is that it can be assembled in less than one hour. It comes flat packed in easily transportable crates and doesn’t need special tools for assembly. Designed with versatility as key element, Tabby can be made longer and shorter to create vehicles with 2 or 4 seats or increase its cargo capacity.

OSV at Maker Faire in Rome

OSV and Tabby will be presented for the first time at Maker Faire, a meeting point for creativity and entrepreneurship, held at Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome on October 3-6. OSV will be in two areas: one inside (C1) and a large one in the courtyard (A2) where you’ll be able to see Tabby in action.


osvehicle logoFrancisco Liu – Founder

Born in Macau, graduated in Hong Kong, the founder of OSVEHICLE project Francisco Liu moved to Italy during the 70s driven by his passion for arts and design. Here he experienced creativity and Italian enthusiasm for beauty, and gave his support to Italian companies in the field of transportation.