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Open Telegraph 1.1

Open-Télégraph Is a digital reinterpretation of the famous game called “Télécran”, invented by André Cassages in 1959 (also called “Etch A Sketch” in rest of the world). Its ludic aspect attract participants, but its production is mostly an excuse to engage an educational approach to expose by the practice, the entire manufacturing process. Simple process that can be easily achieved with the FabLab tools, because it does not require any industrial tool. The device is manufactured during a 4 hours workshop (for 12+), time to explain: – The notions of ergonomy and integration through modifications on the joystick base. – The notions of digital fabrication through CNC machining – A demystification of electronics through the realization of the electronic card and the soldering of components – An explanation of the way to program microcontrollers (Flash bootloader and firmware by the Arduino IDE) – And, finally, the participant assembles the device and enjoy a testing time. The Open_Télégraph device uses a compatible hardware and library to work with the Arduino IDE which allows the hacker to modify the firmware and thus initiate himself the learning of programming. Project supported by the “Ars Longa” association. Workshops organized with the valuable assistance of Léa Barbier in the “Nouvelle Fabrique” located at “CentQuatre”, Paris.



guide mfJason Michel
I’m in post-graduate “Research & Design” at “Cité du Design” & connected to the Digital Laboratory “Random()” of the ESADSE. Saint-Etienne, France.