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Prison necessarily separates prisoners from full communication with the outside world. Narang restores some of the non-verbal part of this communication. Using a smartphone app, a prisoner’s family or friends can choose between nine simple messages of affection or support to send him. Strangers, walking past the prison, can also send a message of encouragement to a random cell and its prisoners. Each cell in this Venetian low security prison contains several prisoners, and each prisoner has an interactive orange, connected wirelessly to the Narang system. When a prisoner receives a message, from friend or stranger, not only his orange but all his cellmates oranges glow with a particular sequence of moving light which suggests the message’s meaning. This sharing reflects the inevitable closeness of life in a crowded cell. The behaviour of each orange can to some extent be controlled by gestures.



maker faire rome-logoNarangers
We started working on a concept which looked a little risky in its first phases.
Our main goal was to design something to be proud of, gambling on an unconventional topic for a design project. We hope our work will be useful for others and let them be bolder with their projects. You have to risk go