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turtleMusicInk is an educational toy whose main characteristic is the use of an electrically conductive paint that allows children to play their own drawings. The game is based on the use of a particular electrically conductive and non-toxic ink with which the children will realize drawings representing the different properties of sound. The drawings will then be connected to an electronic circuit based on Arduino that will turn the illustrations into capacitive proximity sensors. The signals received by the sensors are sent via bluetooth to the App, which will rework and transform them into the sound of a musical instrument. Each property of the sound is connected to an appropriate melody .



guide mfMusicInk Team
MusicInk Team is an heterogeneous group of people composed by Gilda Negrini and Riccardo Vendramin – Product Design for Innovation students from the Politecnico di Milano – and Manh Luong Bui – software engineer.