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Kultpfunzel.ch – illuminates & is hackable

[Kultpfunzel: Kult=cult. Funzel=dim light.] An old Swiss military pocket lamp spiced up with a nifty Arduino Leonardo compatible. Hack it and brighten up! That’™s upcycling. Powered by VIOS and Interactive Matter.


Kultpfunzel.ch - illuminates & is hackableChristoph, Marcus, Wolfgang, Oliver
Christoph Laib: Founder, Innovator, Networker, Critic. Christoph initiated and financed the Kultpfunzel project.
Marcus Nowotny: Developer, Arduino lover and Open Source Hardware evangelist. Marcus designed and developed the Kultpfunzel board.
Wolfgang Szabo: Concept creator, Geophysicist, Maker. Wolfgang has led the project from its inception to the production of the boards.
Oliver Walkhoff: Industrial Designer, Engineer, Maker. Oliver is test driving the Kultpfunzel and is responsible for the website.