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Filamaker is a personal filament producing machine what grind old plastic and make new filament for your 3D printer. You can produce standard 1,75 mm or 3 mm filament.FilaMaker use powerful hand driven mini grinder from Tool steel what can grind all types of plastic products and if necessarily can deal with aluminum cans or Electronic products like circuit boards. FilaMaker design of extruder allows easy replacement different types of plastics without mixing them together. This means that after processing ABS plastic, you can begin to process PP or PE without any intervention to extruder. It works with plastic pellets or with crushed plastic. The whole project is open source and the 3D model of grinder is free to download.Later will be the whole FilaMaker free to download. Actual I am sure that i will bring 4 models of grinders for plastic to make plastic scrap for any extruder. I am still working on my extruder and when i can make it in time i will bring whole system.



Marek Senicky
I graduated as a cnc programmer. After school I have work like Designer in industrial air-conditioning sector. Now I work for myself in my small metalworking workshop. I make now production of railings, stairs, terraces, balconies, bicycle stands and so… Have made some stuff for OSE ( Open Source Ecology ) Build my own CNC milling machine and some fine arts.