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Anathemic Chaise Longue

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Chaise longue systematic features Anathemic is a chaise longue made up of individually profiled parallel slats, stacked closely. Each slat is CNC contour cut according to its individual program from wood fiber panels colored throughout and bound at the extreme ends to form a three dimensional surface so ergonomic to look like the mold of the body that is called to rest upon it. On each side rockers, fastened where the slats are bound, suspend this curvy surface allowing light flexibility movement of the slats as well as gentle rocking action.


guide mfMarco Tonci
Italian born, graduates in Brussels, Belgium, as Architect and Urban Planner. Making Boston his new home for 25 years, becomes Registered Architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There he practices the profession and from there he develops several large mixed use real estate projects in North American cities. Inventor of mechanical devices for human mechanics obtains patents in the field of ski boots licensed to a major ski equipment company. Practices currently in Rome Italy.