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Dear Maker/Exhibitor,

This guide is aimed at helping you make your participation in Rome Maker Faire – The European Edition a successful event.

This Guide will assist you in planning your presence at the event ensuring you maximise your participation. Leading up to the show, you will receive e-mails and updates of this Guide which are designed to keep you informed of key dates and information. Moreover, always check out the website of the event at, which will be always updated with news and up-to-date informations.

Please do take the time to read through the information as it is important that nothing is left to the “last minute management” to ensure you have everything you need.

The MAKER FAIRE ROME team is committed to help you in your planning and assist with any queries you may have.


Note: this document is also the attachment B to the contract for Exhibitors, Sponsors and Makers


Release 2. (10 Sept. 2013)



You can contact the team using this e-mail: (makers) or (exhibitors/sponsors)


-   Sara Ranieri (team coordinator for Asset-Camera)

-   Chiara Russo (operational coordinator for programme and exhibitors relations)

-   Maurizio De Sanctis (exhibition planner)

-   Costantino Bongiorno (“call for makers” coordinator)

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Event days: 3-6 October 2013
Exhibition dates: 4-6 October 2013
Exhibition Venue: Palazzo dei Congressi (Congress Hall)
Piazzale Kennedy, 1
00144 – Rome


Thursday 3rd Oct. from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Opening Conference – free entrance)
Friday 4th Oct. from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm (Educational day – open to students only, free entrance)
Saturday 5th Oct. from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm (exhibition, open entrance on payment, more info on ticketing on
Sunday 6th Oct. from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (exhibition, open entrance on payment, more info on ticketing on

The Exhibitors are pleased to keep attended their stands during the event starting from 4th October through the opening hours.

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Tuesday 1st,and Wednesday 2nd October from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Reserved to the official stand builder and to the Only Space stands stand builders (Sponsors and main exhibitors).

Thursday 3rd October from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Makers admitted through “Call for Makers” can access in the Shell Scheme Stands.

All displays and exhibits must be completed and all excess products and packaging materials in building-up removed by Thursday 3rd at 8:00 pm.


Sunday 6th October from 6 pm to Monday 7th Oct. at  6 am  

Removal of displays and complete dismantling of stands.

It is strictly forbidden to start dismantling the stands and remove exhibits and displays before these terms. During dismantling each exhibitor is responsible for the goods present inside the stand.

For reasons of security, exhibitors are advised to remove all portable and valuable items as soon as possible after the show closes and not to leave their stand unattended until all such items are cleared.

The exhibitors selected through “Call for makers” must clear the stands before 10 pm of 6th October.

All materials, packaging and waste must be removed from the Palazzo dei Congressi and dismantling operations  must be completed by Monday, 7th at 6:00 am. Any waste or materials left for the Organiser’s disposal will be charged back to the exhibitor/contractor.

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The access to the venue for the operations of building-up will be through:
Viale della Pittura 50 – 00144 Roma.

You’ll be asked by the team to register people involved in the operations of building-up and dismantling.

Exhibitors badges:
During the show, exhibitors will have a badge. On the right time Asset-Camera will ask for names and will indicate how to get them.

Note: Exhibitors and Contractors are to ensure they have their badge whenever they are on site.

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As an Exhibitor, selected through the “call for makers”, the Maker Faire Rome team provide:

- Shell scheme stand
- 1 table and 2 chairs
- Small sign with the exhibitor’s name – non customizable
- Wifi access
- 1kw/h electric power
- 2 spotlights (100watt each)
- 1 multiple socket
- 5 Maker passes for exhibitors and two invitations to the Opening Conference of the 3rd Oct.
- Link to the exhibitors “makers” page on the website
- Insurance, as specified in the Contract, art. 4 (see also Insurance policy point in this Guide)

The Organizer does NOT supply any adaptors or transformers. So, please, bring with you any adaptors/transformers, if needed (for non EU residents we remind that electric power in Italy is 220/240 V at 50 Hz)

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The makers selected through “Call for makers” will be placed in a “shell scheme”.
Shell Scheme stands will be constructed by the official stand contractor.
All the enquiries should be addressed to Maker Faire Rome Team at the following email:

The Maker must verify with the contact and operational responsible (see “exhibition team” point) the possibility to display his/her own material like posters or other graphics within the booth area. Any damage caused by not respecting this, will be charged.

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The Exhibitors/Sponsors that have “only space stands” must submit plans, with the indication of special requests, by e-mail:

The plans are subject to approval.
The deadline for submission of Space Only Technical Plans (regarding the stands of main Exhibitors, sponsors and institutional organizations for which the Organizer will provide only the space) is 16th September 2013.

In case these Exhibitors should use own designers and/or builders, stands must be constructed strictly observing the “Builders technical regulation” and the “Safety rules regulation” of the Palazzo dei Congressi, provided on request to:
and to

For any technical enquiries and help, please contact: Maurizio De Sanctis,

During the build-up and dismantling operations the access to Palazzo dei Congressi will be reserved only to the Exhibitors and/or eventual external fitters that comply with the presentation of specific “Stand Projects” and the required supporting documentation (eg. stand plans, technical modules required, certificates relating to fire prevention, materials testing, list of personnel employed in assembly operations, etc.) requested in the Technical Regulations.

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(only for the Exhibitors for whom the contract holds the possibility of using a warehouse)

In the Palazzo dei Congressi a storage room will be open:
- from 1st of October at 8 am
- to 7th of October at 1pm

Contact e-mail:

Contact Phone:

David Mezzi   +393357906167

So please be sure that arrival of goods, materials and any other stuff even through carriers for the Faire is not before the 1st of October and that any leaving of your material from the venue is before the 7th October at 1 pm.
The entrance and address for sending and leaving is:
Palazzo dei Congressi, Viale della Pittura 12 – I 00144 Roma Italy
Please notice that, even if the warehouse is secured, the Organizer will not stand any responsability for the custody of such material; if you think that the general insurance agreement is not enough to cover the value of your material we encourage you to notify if you are willing to conclude a supplementary insurance contract so that we can address you to the insurance contractor.
For the “call for makers” exhibitors (without a contract storage availability): due to the dimensions of the storage please bring with you on your arrival all the things to be displayed at your stand and that can be brought by yourself.

For big things a lifting and handling service will be provided during build-up and dismantling times; please make us know features and dimensions of any big material to be handled.

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Due to the nature of the event we need to know if you plan to use radio frequencies and if so, what frequency and/or frequencies and the amount of electrical/broadcasting power you are going to use so we can coordinate placement and usage.

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The custody and surveillance of the stands are responsibility of the Exhibitors or Maker for the entire opening hours of the Palazzo dei Congressi, both during the event both during the build-up and dismantling of the event. It is therefore recommended to exhibitors displaying objects that can be easily removed to be present at the booth for the duration of the opening hours. During the closure hours a surveillance service is provided.

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To help us to produce a fun and safe environment for makers and many attendees please be aware and committed with safety regulations, signage, staff indications and, above all, common sense.
If your project/exhibition/demo can be considered hazardous or a concern for the Faire (especially for fire safety) please be sure to notify to us in order to draw the possible best safety specific plan.

Fire Hazard notification and special permits: if you intend to display, operate or use any of the items listed you must obtain a prior approval by the Maker Faire team: heat producing or open-flame devices, candles, lamps, etc.; electrical, mechanical or chemical devices deemed to be hazardous or toxic; internal-combustion engines; flammable liquids, compressed gases or dangerous chemicals. All materials may be inspected and/or tested by the Fire and safety Service at any time.

Please note that all gangways must be kept clear and safety requirements must be respected at all times throughout the build up, dismantling and exhibition. All Exhibitors and contractors on site are responsible for keeping the gangways clear and safety requirements and equipment respected. Please ensure your contractors are aware of the emergency gangways and about safety requirements and equipment. You will be responsible of any event consequence of not complying the safety regulations by you.

Children safety: Maker Faire is also a family event. We appreciate the cooperation of everybody in keeping Maker Faire Rome safe for the children attending the event. Children under 14 yo are not allowed to be inside the venue during build up and dismantling hours. If your exhibit/demo has hazardous machinery, materials or any elements of concern, please take the time to inform parents and children of safe practices for your exhibit.

These emergency services are provided:
- Safety and fire service
- Medical service

In the Palazzo dei Congressi venue a service for selecting garbage is in operation. Please be sure to respect the different garbage bins.

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The Palazzo dei Congressi is an historical building under the protection of the National Cultural and Artistic Heritage Department and is managed by the Rome Convention Group Company. So it’s important to respect the building and its premises. A few regulations for helping this common commitment:
• No drilling of holes, attaching to, or painting of the floor, or any other defacement to floors and walls. When such a damage occur the exhibitor is the sole responsible for damage
• Signage and/or decorations may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled or otherwise fastened to any wall, ceiling, column, stone, window, drape, or painted surface in any area inside the building or on the premises without advance permission
• Please do not insert stakes in the ground without specific permission as it could be dangerous and damaging: there may be wires or lines underground.
• Management reserves the right to restrict exhibits, demos, displays, presentations or workshops that become objectionable because of noise, methods of operations, materials, safety or any other safety and common sense respect reasons
• No food or beverage may be offered or displayed as part of exhibit, demo, presentation, or workshop unless specific arrangements have been made with the Organizer
• Take care to not occupy the aisles and space among the booths
• Every participant shall abide and comply with the Italian Laws and City regulations