This is a job for Makers: breathtaking footage from the Drone Dudes

Filming extreme sports with a video camera slung over one’s shoulder is even more insane than throwing oneself off a bridge. This is why Drone Dudes have thrown everything they have into their radio-controlled octocopter, fitted with an HD camera operated from the ground. If you need an amazing shot, call them and they will arrive on a fully-equipped truck. They’ll even sleep in a tent if necessary.

In this era of freelancers, it is common to meet professionals ready to face any challenge to prove themselves as good as the best. Video-makers and remote-controlled drone pilots: it’s no accident that these professions are one of the 10 types of job that surround the world of Makers. And it is no accident that many major newspapers are discovering the utility of drones in their own reporting work. (more…)

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3D Printing Exhibition: show us something awesome!

3D-Print-ExhibitionThe 3D Printing topic is as hot as the extruded plastics just squeezed out the printing heads. Everybody talks about it and we are sure that many, among you, are already an active part of this new trend. For sure many of you makers are 3D printing, therefore Maker Faire Rome has decided to be the reference point to showcase the best, most intriguing, artistically striking, creative and ingenuous prints.

The little banner you see on the side of this text is the first visible step of our 3D Print Exhibition, conceived by Simone Majocchi (@SimonePDA) and made by Maker Faire Rome with the support of contributing Sponsors of this industry. One hundred 3D prints made by YOU will be submitted to a jury worth the best occasions and the winners will have a tangible reason to remember every day that they were recognized as the best in class. (more…)

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3D printing can save you $ 2,000 per year

3D printed productsAs we all know, the makers of the new industrial revolution want to change the world. Still, a question arises: how? On the one hand, the freedom to create any object by printing it in 3D is priceless; on the other, printing objects that we need at home allows us to save money. Yes, but exactly how much are we talking about?

For the first time ever, a scientific paper published on Mechatronics tries to answer this: Life-cycle economic analysis of distributed manufacturing with open-source 3D printers. According to researchers at Michigan Technological University, the average savings guaranteed by a 3D printer for a family is of up to U.S. $ 2,000 a year. So we’d better take a look at the details to understand where these numbers come from. (more…)

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“The Maker”, a cartoon for those who live creatively

The MakerA mysterious figure is moving around a lab, fiddling with an old book. If he didn’t have bunny ears we’d think he was an alchemist. In fact, the protagonist of The Maker is a bit like all of us. He lives his life and wants to leave something of substance to those who come after him. You look into his eyes and realise that, in his fiction, he’s hiding something true. (more…)

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Who is the inventor with the 400 dollar robotic arm

Easton LaChappelle (@EastonLaChappel) is 17 years old and is an inventor. At the age of 14 he decided to make a robotic hand out of Lego. It was little more than a game, but it worked. Soon afterwards, the young inventor realised that he could dare to go even further. So, with the help of a friend and a 3D printer he built a functioning 3D prosthetic arm. At that point, it stopped being a game.

As he says in his talk on TEDxMileHigh, Easton was strongly impacted by the story of a 7 year old girl who wore an 80,000 dollar industrial prosthesis. And the thought that, growing up, the child would soon have to replace it. The inventor realised that his robotic arm could help her family to get over the shock, including in a financial sense. Definitely, because the young Colorado inventor’s model costs just 400 dollars. (more…)