Meet the makers: projects you won’t afford to miss at the Maker Faire Rome


credits: Andrew Spitz / Loci

Maker Faire Rome is about to open, and there are already more than 150 makers signed up and ready to amaze you. The complete list is constantly being updated. Anyway, we are still tightening the last screws, but at least we can give you some tips about must­-see projects. The Exhibition Event of the MFR is open to the public on October 5th and 6th at the “Palazzo dei Congressi” expo centre in EUR. We promised you robots, 3D printers and fantastic inventions. Well, here they are in the flesh (or rather, in bits and atoms). (more…)

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The Italian answer to 3D Desktop Scanners is Dimbody 3D


A few days ago the Indiegogo campaign to finance an all-Italian project was launched, conceived by Alessandro Grossi, Carmen Olei and Marica Soattin. Dimbody 3D – the name chosen for the device – looks very much like other Desktop 3D scanners, and has aroused great expectations, in as much as it is being promoted by Bre Pettis and MakerBot Industries, but the resemblance is only superficial.

Dimbody 3D starts off with a project based on an Arduino board and a high-resolution DSLR, driven by a special infrared system. Shot after shot, with a slow movement of an arm to which the digital camera and the laser emitter blade are attached, the software analyses the images and creates the point cloud until it arrives at what is required for generation of the mesh and the printable 3D model. (more…)

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Five good reasons to participate in the 3D Printing Exhibition

3d print exhibition prizes

For a few days you can submit your participation with your 3D prints using the form posted here; remember that you have until September 24 to submit the form with the images and the sooner you do it, the sooner we can organize things in the best possible way.

There are various reasons why it is a good idea to try to attend and we think it best to remember the most important ones.

First of all, participating with your printed work in an exhibition will allow all the visitors who have never seen 3D printing to understand what can be done with these devices: they have been widely talked about, but good examples are certainly worth a thousand words.

Each print will be accompanied by the name of the work and the information that the author wants to provide, so if you are looking for contacts for business or for passion, this is an opportunity not to be underestimated, also because at the end of the exhibit, we will create an electronic catalogue of all the works on display. (more…)

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Waiting for #makerfairerome: tell us on social networks

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It’s almost time for Maker Faire Rome to begin: every details is almost done, makers and speakers are gearing up for the biggest innovation event ever seen in Europe.

What about you? Will you join us from October 3rd to 6th?

Post with the hashtag #makerfairerome on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: interact with our team at Maker Faire Rome and let us know how you are gearing up for the first European maker faire. (more…)

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