Four events to keep an eye out for before Easter

There are at least four events that it is worth keeping an eye out for before the bank holiday weekend bringing March to a close. Three are located in Italy and one in England. They range from a robotics workshop for makers to conferences, lectures and an informal meeting for all types of creatives. Put the dates in your diary and have a good week.

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Tweets, photos, and ideas from Codemotion

The echo of Codemotion is still very strong in Rome. Between March 20 and 23 last, the Rome Faculty of Engineering was plunged into a world of programming, bits and 3D printers. A hackathon and workshops, particularly the three ones organized by the team of Officine Arduino.

On March 21, the attention was focused on the opening event introduced by Riccardo Luna and Andrea Mondello, the President of Tecnopolo. It was also the presentation day of StartupItalia! and the new Barcamper, which will leave for a European tour in search of makers to bring to the Maker Faire Rome scheduled for October 3-6.

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Three key events for Rome as a hub of innovation

There is a common thread that can give Rome the right energy and make it the capital of Italian innovation. It is a very real thread, connecting three events: the 2013 Rome Cup, showcasing the best in robotics; Codemotion, the great event for hackers, programmers, and code devourers (March 20-23); and the Maker Faire Rome (MFR), the first European edition of the festival dedicated to makers, which will be held on October 3-6.

What flows along that thread is explained in Mondo Digitale, with an interview with Stefano Venditti, President of Asset Camera, the special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome that supports the three events. “Through the World Wide Rome project,” Venditti said, “Asset Camera aims at enhancing and disseminating initiatives that can generate innovation in the entrepreneurial system in Rome and the surrounding metropolitan area.”

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The Barcamper is off in search of Makers

Today 21 March the Barcamper from StartupItalia! is revving its engine at Codemotion in Rome in preparation for the “Rome Maker Faire Tour 2013”. The journey will cross Europe in search of makers and ideas to bring back to Rome for the Maker Faire from the 3-6 of October. The project was set up in collaboration with StartupItalia!, the platform for inventors directed by Riccardo Luna which starts on the same day.

The Barcamper will set off on its European tour after Easter and will end its search for new makers by 30th June. On its long journey the camper will be home to a team who will work on four wheels to find the best digital and creative talent in Europe and tell the story of the road towards the new industrial revolution.

The European tour of the Barcamper is a new way to find talented new makers and identify the ideas – all strictly hardware – that could be transformed into start-ups and become established entities in the universe of DIY alongside Makerbot and Arduino.

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Makers’ spring and events of the week

Spring finally arrived for makers too. Initiatives for designers, digital craftsmen, hackers and creatives are getting more and more. Don’t lose your bearings and check out all the events of the week in Europe and Italy.



The first meeting will be the Codemotion in Rome from the 20th to the 23rd of March at the Engineering faculty of Università Roma Tre. Guests Greg Schechter, facebook web developer, and Kasia-Derc Frenske, teach support for API of Google Maps.

The three workshop Laboratorio Arduino are not to miss in the days of 22nd and 23rd March. For adult and kids, these workshops are based on using the hardware open source Arduino for rapid prototyping and to learn electronic and programming principles.
Where: Rome, Italy – When: 20-21-22-23 March 2013.

Still in Italy. The 20th March in Milan you can partecipate to the PopUp Makers, the monthly event to support and to speed up connections and partnerships between local Makers. Three guests will be on the stage to talk about their projects, through words, images and prototypes.They will have just 10 minutes to share their idea and the evolution of the creative process and thw whole joy and sorrow of the work in progress.
Where: Milan, Italy – When: 20 March 2013.

The Resonate festival of Belgrado will start on the first spring day. This event brings artists and creatives to discuss about the future of technologies in the field of arts and culture. From the 21st to the 23rd of March the capital city of Serbia will host 16 workshop, 38 lectures, 6 live performances and 6 documentaries and movies.
Reservations are closed, but updates are on Facebook and Twitter.
Where: Belgrado, Serbia – When: 21st March 2013.

The last event of the week will settle the 23rd of March in Bristol, UK. The MiniMaker Faire will show installations and inventions of different makers. It will be a good opportunity tu celebrate the DIY. Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi Foundation founder, will exhibit all the conferences of the festival.
Where: Bristol, England – When: 23rd March 2013


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