Arduino Day and other events you can’t afford to miss

The month of April begins with a deluge of events in Europe and in Italy. A word of advice: don’t forget Arduino Day in Rome and the two Mini Maker Faires in Oslo and Edinburgh. But that’s not all. Take a look at the weekly programme, choose your event and spread the word.

The week begins in the afternoon on 3 April with the Arduino Conference at the University of Tunis. You can also find the registration form for this event online.
Where: Tunis, Tunisia
When: 3 April

New event at the Waag Society in Amsterdam with a Bio Printing workshop. Put together an Arduino, a hacked printer, a few bacterial cells and your work is done.
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When: 3 April

On 4 April we move to Milan for an event called Meet the Media Guru: hosted by Geoff Mulgan, CEO of the British charity Nesta (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts).
Where: Milan, Italy
When: 4 April

On 5 April in Istanbul two Free Software and Linux Days open, a conference event exploring the world of 360° open source software.
Where: Istanbul, Turkey
When: 5-6 April

Come to Rome on 6 April for Arduino Day: the event includes set-up of free workshops, presentations, free prototyping areas and the Arduino store. Event at the Nuovo Cinema Palazzo at 11am.
Where: Rome, Italy
When: 6 April

The first event with makers is scheduled for 6 April with the Oslo Mini Maker Faire. Take a look at the launch video and be at the front of the queue at the Teknisk Museum.
Where: Oslo, Norway
When: 6-7 April

Another event where you can get to know makers is the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire. Entry tickets cost £2.50. There is also a list of workshops you can take part in.
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
When: 7 April

Another workshop not to be missed is the one run by Open Radio FM lab, where you can build an open source radio by assembling electronic parts and print in 3D. In the meantime, a call for Arduino music is open in preparation for the Gwendalyn Festival. You have until 10 April.
Where: Chiasso, Switzerland
When: 6-7 April



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Caine’s Arcade and the creativity of 9 year olds

A cardboard box, for an adult, is just a cardboard box. Period. But for a 9 year old like Caine it’s the foundation stone to build his very own arcade. He has boundless imagination, and his father lets him have a portion of his car parts shop in Los Angeles. He sets up a real arcade with lots of pinball machines, table football and baskets. All strictly made out of cardboard. Then he sits at the door step and waits for a customer.

But Caine’s arcade is in a part of town where hardly anyone walks by. So he ends up playing on his own. Until  Nirvan Mullick  comes to the garage. He is looking for a handle for his ’96 Corolla, but before he finds it, he notices the child’s arcade and asks to play a game.

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The low cost prosthesis made from bamboo and 3D printing

The makers’ can even be a new industrial revolution, but in this movement there is also room for products that aren’t strictly conventional. After all, a 3D printer can create almost anything. So, someone came up with the idea to use it to help people who have lost a leg and live in developing countries. The project is called  Low Cost Prosthesis  (LCP) and it aims to improve the quality of life with just 40 Euro.

Behind this initiative are the Dutch Institute for Sustainable Technology  Waag Society and Fab Lab  HONF  in Jakarta, Indonesia. It all started in 2011 when the space dedicated to Indonesian makers was launched, wanting to embark on an ambitious project to build a prosthetic leg. That same year, they started testing using cheap materials readily available on site.


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3Doodler: the pen for makers triumphs on Kickstarter

Here is a pen that brings designers’ ideas to life, but it is not made to write on a simple sheet of paper. To be honest, you can use it pretty much anywhere as you can create 3D objects with it.  It’ is called  3Doodler  and has just completed its successful crowdfunding campaign on  Kickstarter. In just over a month a whopping $ 2.3 million have been collected.

A great success for  WobbleWorks, the small Boston start-up founded by Peter Dilworth  and Maxwell Bogue.  The two makers – whose dream is to design robots and toys – have created a pen capable of emulating 3D printers. The idea has made inroads on the web and 3Doodler, which looks like a small soldering device weighing just 200 grams, will soon become a reality.

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The Making of the Call for Makers: How to Shoot a DIY Photo

We all know about the Call for Makers by now: makers across Europe are invited to present their projects and ideas by June 2, 2013, to take part for free at Rome’s Maker Faire. But very few of us know the story behind the photo used for the call – the one with the hand holding the giant magnet that is attracting a whole swarm of objects.

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