The world of makers at the FuoriSalone

The real novelty at this FuoriSalone is the invasion of the world of makers: a wave of innovation, sharing and creativity has invaded Milan.
We have already told you which appointments with makers will be opportunities for interaction with the Maker Faire Rome and on the Call for Makers (LINK) which closes in a few months time, but there are lots of other meetings and workshops which you are invited to participate in.

And to help you negotiate your way through the Milanese jungle, here’s a calendar of events for the coming days:

This year the entire Brera district is dedicated to artisan and industrial design know-how.
You should visit the Appartamento Lago with the two initiatives Play The Change and Play The Materia, together with many friends who we know well:  MakeTank, Miocugino, Vectorealism, Troy of PlugandWear, Tecnificio, Kentstrapper
You can find the complete programme here
Where: Brera Design Discrict,  Piazzetta e Via Brera, 30  Milano
When: from 9 to 14 April. Aperitif for makers Friday 12 April


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A weekend with Massimo Banzi and Arduino

Last weekend we made a nice dive into the world of the Makers. The two most awaited events of the week took place on Saturday 6April: in Rome there was Arduino Day, while in Desio, Brianza, Massimo Banzi visited the high school where he studied as a boy. In case you missed them, below you will find a collection of media content collected on the web and social networks.

Let’s start with the meeting with Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino. Last Saturday, Banzi spoke to a nice audience gathered at the “Enrico Femi” Technical and Industrial Institute in Desio, where he graduated as a boy. There were even some of his old teachers and a large group of new students. If you want to listen to Banzi’s story, you’ll find the complete recording of the streaming on the CrossRadioWeb channel (in three parts 123 ).

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Campo Boario, a monument of industrial archaeology

The Campo Boario complex is located in the Testaccio area close to the Aurelian walls between Monte dei Cocci (known as Mons Testaceum in antiquity), and the Tiber. It includes a food processing industrial facility that was built in just three years between 1888 and 1891, designed by Joachim Ersoch, architect emeritus of the City of Rome and former student of Valadier.

The facility takes up a total area of 105,000 square meters, of which 43,000 are covered. The complex reflects the transition from classical to modern style, and is characterized by large pavilions and light shelters, which feature traditional brick curtains, travertine elements and stucco details, as well as innovative structures in steel and cast iron – in a refined balance between monumentality and industrial rationality.


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5 useful (and crazy) projects to make with your own hands

This is the basic principle: inside we are all makers, just that sometimes, we don’t know it. Whether you like programming robots, baking cakes, printing out objects or cutting them out with a laser, the important thing is not to let your ideas escape and to make them. If you feel like it, below are 5 projects found online that you can copy, hack and improve. Some are useful, others perhaps will be later. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing your ideas for the Call for Makers.  Keep up the good work.

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Maker Faire at FuoriSalone: check out the program!

This week, the world of makers is moving to the Salone del Mobile, with stands, demonstrations, workshops, and the chance to touch and feel their innovative inventions.

Arduino Officine and Maker Faire Rome will be at the Salone del Mobile with We Make OpenDesign at the Fuori Salone in Area35 on Via Vigevano No. 35, and La Bottega digitale (‘The Digital Workshop’) at the Salone Satellite in Fiera Milano Rho (gate 5, pavilion 22-24).

Particularly interesting will be the PopupMaker the event dedicated to the makers, their inventions and their stories and the Brunch with Massimo Banzi co-founder of Arduino and international guru of the Makers Movement.


Scheduled events at the FuoriSalone (Area 35 – Via Vigevano 35)

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