Digital Makers workshops and other DIY events

Do you, by any chance, miss the workshops of Milan’s Fuorisalone? If the answer is yes, this week you’ll have the opportunity to get back involved. At the International Handicrafts Trade Fair in Florence, you’ll find a good deal of workshops attended by many familiar faces. Just to name a few, look out for Make Tank, Vectorealism, Kentstrapper, Zoe Romano, Riccardo Marchesi, Arduino, Massimo Menichinelli, Fablab Torino e Fablab Reggio Emilia.

As we announced a few days ago, the event calendar in Florence also includes the International Handicrafts Trade Fair. Be sure to take a look at the stands and try not to get lost. What’s more, artisans and creators are not the only key players of the event: if you want to give yourself a challenge, sign up to one of the Digital Makers workshops on the programme.
Where: Florence, Italy
When: 22-23-24-25-26-27-28 April

On Tuesday, the capital of Germany comes to life with NEXT Berlin, one of Europe’s largest events on the future of digital technology. On top of all the scheduled talk sessions, space is also given to the Makers and the DIY movement. Take a look at the official calendar and choose the events that do it for you. Have fun.
Where: Berlin, Germany
When: 23-24 April

You can spend the weekend at the Open Bidouille Camp in Bordeaux. This is an event open to all those who totally embrace the all-round theme of joint creativity. The workshops include reusing and recycling materials, repairing bicycles and, of course, 3D printing, as well as using Arduino in the area of DIY electronics. It is really worth stopping by.
Where: Bordeaux, France
When: 27-28 April

Another European event not to be missed is the Maker Faire UK in Newcastle. On Saturday and Sunday, you’ll have the chance to drop into the city centre to meet the 300 makers who will present their creations to the public. Around 10 thousand visitors are expected, for two days filled with surprises. You’ll find all the tickets online.
Where: Newcastle, England
When: 27-28 April

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Hangout on-air with Massimo Banzi today

It is time to talk about Maker Faire Rome, and we are going to do that online. Arduino will host a public GooglePlus hangout with Massimo Banzi and his guests from Europe this evening (April 22nd) at 8 PM CET.

Everyone is invited to share ideas and inspirations before our event takes place in Rome on October 3-6, 2013. This hangout is the first in a series, so do not worry if you are not able to participate. Your voice will be heard soon.
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How to turn a school into a Makerspace

makerspace playbookIn the schools of the future, giving each student a computer with Internet access won’t cut it. The real challenge is to add something else to blackboards and computers: laser cutting machines, milling machines and a series of Arduino microcontrollers. If you read the whole Mentor Makerspace program (MENTOR), it might sound a little far-fetched. The main idea is to create a fully equipped workshop for makers in at least 1,000 secondary schools in the United States.

The recipe is very easy. Schools provide the location, and MENTOR (Manufacturing Experimentation and Outreach) adds all the necessary know-how and equipment. It’s simple and straightforward. Theory will jump out from books and into the practice of moldable plastic. If you have a computer, an Internet connection, a 3D printer on your desk and a designer in the classroom, explaining how to convert the bits of a digital project into atoms, you’re all set.

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The very best for artisans and makers, from Florence to Monaco

If you feel part of the DIY movement, these weeks there are two opportunities that are worth attending. The first is Make Munich in Germany; the second is the ‘Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato’ (International Exhibition of Craftwork) in Floorence. Despite the geographical distance on the map, these two events have a lot in common. During the weekend also keep an eye out for workshops in Arduino and the DesignWinMake contest.

The week starts on the 18th April (it’s a Thursday, but that doesn’t matter) with an event for those who work in the field. This involves the Structural Glass Conference in Poreč. If you want to know something more on the use of glass in architecture and in other fields, this event is an absolute must.
Where: Poreč, Croatia
When: 18th-19th April

To get to the heart of the DIY movement we need to wait for the 20th of April: the Make Munich festival is dedicated to all those who wish to learn more about 3D printing, hacking, crafts and the reuse/repair of objects. The schedule has a nice series of workshops suited to everyone.
Where: Monaco, Germany
When: 20th-21st April

You just need to move a little bit north in order to breathe a different but equally electrifying air.    In Stockholm there’s the Start-up Day, an event dedicated to those who want to invest energy and know-how in their idea so to make it real. Have a look at the panel of speakers and give it a little thought.
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When: 20th April

The first Italian date is set for the 20th April with the Workshop Arduino in Verona. It involves an intensive course of 16 hours spread out over two days in which the fundamentals of electronica are tackled and you can get your hands on a Starter Kit for the first time. For those interested, there will also be a presentation event on the 19th in Arduino.
Where: Verona, Italy
When: 19-20-21st April

The week ends in style with the Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. The key event for discovering the past and future of artisans from all over the world comes though here, and it goes on for the whole following week. It really deserves a visit.
Where: Florence, Italy
When: 20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28th April

The last recommendation regards the competition organized by MakeTank: there’s time until the 30th April to participate in DesignWinMake, a competition for designers and creative’s on a subject of their choice. The theme is designing products that can be made using laser cutting techniques.
Where: Web
When: until the 30th April

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Caine’s Arcade and the 1 million dollars games arcade

We already told Caine‘s story a couple of weeks ago. At 9 years old, the young maker builds a games arcade with cardboard out of his dad’s garage in Los Angeles. By chance a film director walks through the door and decides to tell his story on YouTube. The video explodes online and becomes a viral phenomenon with almost 3.7 million views, turning Caine into a star. But more than just an opportunity to completely transform his life, Caine’s Arcade becomes a springboard to give a helping hand to other children.


The creativity triggered by Caine’s imagination is contagious by nature. It doesn’t take a lot to change the lives of many other young creative’s (at Caine’s Arcade a ticket which gives you 500 turns costs 2 dollars) and convince them that they can make their dreams come true. From this experience in Los Angeles, the Imagination Foundation was born, the aim of which is to help imagination grow in schools and in houses all over the world.

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