Discover the MakerFaire Rome Ambassador kit with an Arduino Uno limited edition

MakerFaire Rome, for the first time gathering makers from all over Europe, is coming up and the clock is ticking while the Call for Makers closes next 2nd of June.
That’s why we thought to launch a call for collaboration to local hubs, makerspaces and fablab into helping us spreading the word.

If you are one of them and you think that makers from your city in Europe would be interested in  joining the event and submitting a project to the call, we can send you a package full of flyers, postcards, stickers and support you into organizing a local event about it.


To join the team of Proxies fill THIS short form with your name, city, country, name of your local hub and address and we’ll get back to you.

The form we’ll be open until monday 14th of May and then we’ll announce the list of those receiving the kit. We have only 50 kits available so be quick to feedback!

The Maker Faire Rome Ambassador Kit includes:

Small stickers

+ an exclusive limited edition Arduino Uno board.


Thanks in advance for your help and support, and see you at Maker Faire Rome!

For any question join us in the forum!


Howtoons, comics for young makers


Making a Robot with paper and sticky tape is not impossible. Movies taught us that you need electronic brains and advanced technologies, but in fact you just paste a model engine onto an origami and get a spectacular effect. The GamiBot idea comes from a site that is really worth a look: Howtoons. When you mix comics for young people and pure DIY you will get something truly amazing.

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iMakr, the store for makers, opens in London


Do not be surprised if you see a clothes shop with, next to it, a store displaying 3D printers in its window. On the 30th of April, iMakr Store will open its shop in London dedicated entirely to DIY and digital production. The venue, covering 230 square metres at the heart of the city (in Farringdon), will be a sort of play area for anyone wishing to make something with their hands.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the store, iMakr has organised a meetup to welcome its first visitors. The event on the 30th of April has already been fully booked, so the organisers have decided to extend the inauguration to the following day and open the doors of the store for a second meetup.

As for the inauguration on the 30th of April, as many as 300 people have already said they will take part in the event. Of course, the promotional launches of large stores probably attract more attention, but there is that special something about the iMakr Store. It is the makers’ step towards a new industrial revolution.

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#MakerTour in Bordeaux

OpenBidouille, a Open Bricolage, better: a perfect example of Doityourself.

The location is incredible: the Darwin Ecosystem, a huge ex industrial park, with murales everywhere, created by Philippe and Jean Marc, entrepreneurs, today transformed in a interesting place where share knowledge and space, with skate park, co working offices, open spaces, collectives, cyclofficine, with a different approach to another economy, more sustainable and wide.

Instead Open Bidouille is this one:

Associations that meet together and are able to do something with their hands.
Patchwork with recycled materials, who pimps bikes, who explains to people physics laws, who tweets in morse and who explains to kids how to use arduino and 3D printer to make a plastic heart.
Here Open Source and sharing is a philosophy, not only a way to approach web.

As it happens in LaBX, the Bordeaux hakerspace, where Michel and Jonhatan try to create the OpenCulture.
They explain how the priority for them is to share knowhow, devices and technology to help who needs support to make projects and ideas.

Jonathan, Phitobiologist, starts to use Arduino and his potentials to develop studies about plants. Michel shows us a Drone able to fly, and the Air Quality Egg,a small sphere able to check the air and gas sending datas to mobile devices.
Everything they do is far from business. Is pure passion, the needs to create something usefull for others, and to share the range of possibilities with people.

Alex Korber is part of Usinette, the small factory.
His creation is able to recycle plastic and reuse it to make PLA filaments, the ones used by 3D printer.
In his life Alex creates web sites, the fablab is a passion, and believes: “If it will become a job probably I won’t enjoy it so much!”

In OpenBidouille we meet also Julien, from Les Petits Brouillards, an international French associations with the goal to create a technological and advanced scientific culture for kids and parents.

OpenBidouille closes, and the MakerFaireRome Barcamper Tour starts again to travel. Next stop, Paris!



Video Credits: Open Bidouille Camp Bordeaux from Loïc Mathey on Vimeo.

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