The technology transforming tomorrow’s clothes

It seems like an advertising slogan, but inside all the clothes of the future there really will be a bit of technology. We’re not just talking about avant-garde manufacturing techniques, but about real applications which will change textile fibres into genuine circuits. So the day will come when your jackets will tell you its temperature and communicate with your smartphone.

These features often depend on sensors and microcontrollers sewn into turn-ups. In other cases, cotton or nylon fabrics are exchanged with conductive textiles which allow the garments to contact a computer (as in the case of Plug and Wear). In practice, the only limit is the extent of our ambition to experiment with new forms of intelligent interaction.  

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How to build a farm with Open Source Ecology

The makers are not just about electronics, we know that. There are those who build robots and then there are those dedicated to tractors. There is nothing strange in this: work on the farm can have very respectful technological roots. The most pertinent demonstration comes from Open Source Ecology (OSE), the project created by Marcin Jakubowski, a physicist born in Poland who moved to the United States as a child.

Jakubowski left research behind to move to the country and take care of his farm, but with an eye for open source and the sharing of ideas. The point is this: if you need a tractor, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy it. You can build it with your own hands. Easy to say, but far from impossible. To do this you just need some spot-on advice.


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The makers and Massimo Banzi ready for Codemotion

The days are visibly getting longer and attention is turning to Berlin. The German capital will host Codemotion, three days dedicated to workshops, talks and meetings devoted to software and hardware programming in all its forms. Guests not to miss are Massimo Banzi, Zoe Romano and Kentstrapper. The appointments of the week follow.


Geneva is home to the Mapping Festival until May 12. This is a good opportunity for immersion in various installations dedicated to the audio-visual arts and digital culture. There is no lack of conferences, meetings and performances to navigate the universe of creativity. Tickets can be found on the event website.
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
When: May 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Codemotion Berlin opens on May 9 and devotes the next two days to various topics of discussion. On May 10, do not miss the presentation by Massimo Banzi “People over MHz” and remember that on May 11 there is a whole programme of meetings dedicated to makers, fabbers and 3D printing. You can find all the tickets on Eventbrite.
Where: Berlin, Germany
When: May 9, 10, 11

The makers disembark at ISIA in Faenza to talk about themselves in Make Your Future. It is a meeting that focuses on stories, experiences and projects from the world of DIY to explain what is happening inside the new industrial revolution. Guests include Alessandro Ranellucci Alexander (Slic3r developer), Fernando Arias (Fab lab Reggio Emilia), Andrea Radaelli (Sharebot), Enrico Bassi (Fab lab Turin), Ugo Cantini (Kentstrapper), Massimo Moretti (WASProject) and Andrea Cattabriga (Slowd).
Where: Faenza, Italy
When: May 11

Close encounters with makers on Saturday lead us to Rome for the new monthly meeting of Popup Makers. On stage there will be three stories of creativity related to DIY and, of course, there will be opportunities to ask questions and get to know one another. In the morning, you can also participate in the Circuit Banding workshop, where electronic toys are dismantled and modified in search of unexpected sounds. Upcoming Popup Makers events can be found on their website.
Where: Rome, Italy
When: May 11

You have until May 25 to participate in the Do not dream it.Make it! design contest, which offers the possibility of designing modular objects for a cardboard display system. The five best projects will be hosted and produced during the workshop to be held at the Mediterranean Fab Lab in the province of Salerno from June 13 to 16.
Where: Web
When: until May 25


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#MakerTour al Ouishare!


Makerfaire Rome Barcamper tour joined the Ouishare Fest, the “collaborative economy”  festival in Paris: startuppers, speakers, internet enthusiast, makers,meet in Paris hosted by Cabaret Sauvage to share, think and believe in a different way to build society and a peer to peer economic process for a Open Source culture.

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