Meet the maker: Dale Dougherty

The first time that I heard the word maker it was in front of a TED video. The speaker was Dale Dougherty, creator of the magazine Make, one of the most committed and charismatic spokesmen of the movement. I was struck by his enthusiasm when explaining the revolution of makers, their cohesive and open source movement.

I found him again on the stage of Ouishare with his slides: a machine covered in talking fish, a 3D printer that created a glass, a robot capable of using tools to make a scarf, the latest genial invention at the Makefaire in New Castle.



How to enjoy the Internet of Things with Twine

Objects can speak to people and their language is by no means illogical. Indeed, for some years now, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been gradually invading our live. If you are curious enough to want to become personally involved in the challenge of interconnecting intelligent objects, you can take the first easy step with Twine.

At first sight, Twine looks like a simple blue box, but in reality this conceals three sensors (temperature, vibration and orientation) capable of interacting with the surrounding environment. You just have to switch it on, connect it to your Wi-Fi system and programme it by means of a simple interface.



Why the makers were popular in Florence

artigiana Firenze

The woman in this photo works with textiles. There is nothing odd about what she is doing, but she is surrounded by 3D printers, laser cutters and Arduino boards. This implies that there is, after all, a form of continuity between past, present and future knowledge.  Over the course of nine days, Popup Fablab brought the creative talents of makers and “fabbers” to the International Craft Fair in Florence, and the result was a minor success.

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