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Makers and Education

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Maker Faire Rome open it’s doors to schools the 4th October!

3D printers are also appropriate for the classroom. You can see the proof for yourself by participating in this completely interactive day dedicated to school institutions and students. New projects dedicated to the world of training and proposals for making learning via new technologies more fun and innovative.

In fact the Maker Faire Rome is not your run of the mill fair but an interactive experience, a space which will not only host exhibitions but workshops, presentations and performances as well. Having young people in this context is vital, so they can touch and live the experience first hand, where are we and where we could go, with conviction, creativity, technology…in other words the future!

Makers have been defined as 21st Century artisans, technological craftspeople who use creativity, innovation and problem solving. These are all skills that should be learnt at school, if possible from very young. We’re talking about 21st Century education.

What is education in the 21st Century?

Professor Alfonso Molina, teacher of Technology Strategy at Edinburgh University and Scientific Director of the Foundation Mondo Digitale defines it as: “that set of activities which allows the young of all ages to develop the skills useful for living and working in the 21st Century such as creativity, problem solving, team work, social responsibility: activities which are often slotted in to the standard school curriculum but which should be an integral part of an innovative education in order to prepare the young to future challenges”.

It’s for this reason that we felt it important to devote one of the days of Maker Faire to the school world, particularly the Educational Robotics sector.

Educational Robotics is in fact an excellent example of how practical activities; logical-creative exercises as well as group ones can be an important stimulus for young people. Learning to program a robot means developing skills useful to students, not only from a technological point of view but also in terms of problem solving. This is a process, which is put into action and allows young people to build a new approach and shape their future. The methodology used is constructivist and is inclusive of learning by doing. Robotics allows the development of the transversal skills that are needed to guarantee life long learning; the student is placed at the centre of the educational process as co-builder of his education.

This is exactly the logic, which underpins the makers.

Is it a coincidence that the Maker Faire symbol is actually a robot?

In order to take part for free with your class e-mail scuole@makerfairerome.eu