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Maker Day 2014, digital artisans meet on Friday 28th

They are from all over Europe and their sole objective is innovation. They are the  Makers – “digital artisans” – and on Friday 28 March  they will all come together at Maker Day, a first meeting to share the very essence of the maker revolution: start from an idea, implement it and put it at the service of everyone. During Maker Day, professionals will share the best case studies and tools to use to further extend the limits of feasibility.

The 2nd European Edition of the Rome Maker Faire – promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, organised by the Chamber’s special company, AssetCamera, and curated by Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino with Riccardo Luna – seems certain to be more successful than last year, which attracted over 250 projects from all over Europe, more than 200 live performances and a crowd of 35,000 visitors.

A coming together of professionals and enthusiasts, who will again be able to share their passion for innovation, participating in hundreds of workshops and testing the most innovative projects in Europe, to experience first-hand the new frontier of innovation expressed by the “Maker” movement.


For details of speakers, workshops and times click here

The event is free but registration is mandatory at this link