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The Catalogue of the 3D Print Exhibition is Here!

3D Print Exhibition Catalogue

The echoes of the voices of thousands of visitors looking at the 3D prints in the beautiful hall of Palazzo dei Congressi seem to be still resounding while we are proud to announce that the downloadable e-book of the 3D Print Exhibition Catalogue is here.

Download the catalogue here

We promised it as part of the project and we are sticking to our word. Close to one hundred pages, this e-book contains all the work sent in as reply to our Call for 3D Prints by brave makers, together with the example prints made by myself – Simone Majocchi – so that every visitor could get a tangible perspective of the 3D print technology potential, giving sense and depth to the tens of printers on show in the premises of Maker Faire Rome.

The landscape format is “screen friendly” and we did our best to recreate the visual experience of the exhibition, offering pictures of each object placed inside its space on the shelves, together with the original card describing the 3D print. Please download it, share it, keep it at hand and show it to whoever might ask what a 3D Printer is for. We use this last blog post also to give you our best regards, a farewell for the 2013 edition and an invitation to the 2014 edition of 3D Print Exhibition at Maker Faire: next year we would like to publish a 200 pages catalogue, therefore we need a lot of ingenious, creative and brave makers that will submit awesome 3D prints.

This time, however, we’re telling this to you with a lot more time ahead…

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