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Maker Faire Rome sneak peek #2: great inventions for kids (and their parents)

sparktruck robot arm
Want to see a RC car you can control with your smartphone? Are you a big fan of robots, no matter if they are made of strange materials? Then you have to check Maker Faire Rome’s exhibitors list and discover the coolest inventions around. Want something more? Check out this sneak peek of playful projects: you will find them all in Rome on October 5th and 6th. Will you join us and have a great time?

3D printers and Kids reinvent the future!: after a short introduction to 3D printing technology and case histories, kids will divide in groups and create visions and scenarios. At the end the kids will present their ideas about future scenarios through stories,sketches or physical prototypes.

Catch Me (already known as “tag”) is a very simple game – and of course you already played it in your youngness : ) ! One player runs behind the other players (who run away), and tries to touch one of them – like a hunter. The one last touched becomes the new hunter, and so on. Our idea is to make the game more interactive.

Macchinino is a opensource & openhardware control system for your RC car, made up of a small hardware part and a free android app. Using your smartphone, through wifi, you can control the car. Macchinino system can be used on both electric and gasoline models.

Oblobot is an educational do it yourself parametric platform that help adults introduce children to simple electrical circuits. It consists on a kit of a customizable robot assembled from printed parts, a battery and some leds and small motors. Hand made conductive plasticine brings all this to life.

Studio Macchinette Playground presents “Macchinetta Sonora”, an Arduino based structure that allows to generate sound and visual landscapes. “Puppetz Step” is an interactive Arduino based step to let your inner animal run.

Tina by CuddlyMade is unique. If you love fluffy friends and consider them part of your family, Cuddly Made is for you! We want to make a better cuddly world and help people smile.

RobocchioLab aims to build collaboration between parents and teachers in order to form them as Makers of educational journeys. Therefore, students may approach the area of androids, while children should approach artificial consciousness and PsyPhy sensors designed to communicate with humans.

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