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Maker Faire Rome sneak peek #1: DIY smartglasses and more

makers Want to see some DIY smartglasses that can record a video and challenge Google Glass? Check Maker Faire Rome’s exhibitors list and discover STIGglasses. Want something more? Check out this sneak peek of cool projects: you will find them all in Rome on October 5th and 6th. Will you join us?

Stiglasses is a device designed to make video reports from on-the-spot brainstorm sessions, user studies and prototyping activities. The goal is to log action learning through event-based tagging and stimulate knowledge transfer.

Belluzzi Gooble Bike is bike fit on a home trainer and equipped with a display showing a Street Vew which proceeds according to the pedalate pace.While riding, the incline is calculated and the brake torque is activated to simulate the slope. The microcontroller is based on Arduino hardware.

P2P Food Lab allows you to build a 1.2×1.2m greenhouse, equipped with sensors, a webcam and wireless networking. You can start growing your own vegetables, connect with other gardeners around the world and around the corner.

Making Rubes wants to help the Maker Faire participants construct a Rube goldberg machine: a series of mechanisms creating a chain reaction meant to achieve an absurdly simple task in the name of making for the love of making.

Collagene is a software by Do The Mutation to create customizable masks. Faces are scanned as input for algorithms that generate the object. Masks are made by CRP with 3D Printing and Windform LX2.0 a polyamide-base material reinforced with glass fiber.

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