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Meet the makers: projects you won’t afford to miss at the Maker Faire Rome


credits: Andrew Spitz / Loci

Maker Faire Rome is about to open, and there are already more than 150 makers signed up and ready to amaze you. The complete list is constantly being updated. Anyway, we are still tightening the last screws, but at least we can give you some tips about must­-see projects. The Exhibition Event of the MFR is open to the public on October 5th and 6th at the “Palazzo dei Congressi” expo centre in EUR. We promised you robots, 3D printers and fantastic inventions. Well, here they are in the flesh (or rather, in bits and atoms).

Superhuman Robots
It isn’t easy to shake A-ladin by the hand, because he’s always busy taking down your bar orders. Maybe he won’t put every waiter out of a job, but he certainly won’t go unnoticed. It’s quite a different story with Iromec, the robot from the University of Siena who helps children with cognitive impairments and motor disabilities to play and interact with their surrounding environment.

Innovative re-use accessories and wearables

Silvia and Davide are the design team behind Trasformazione Est-Etica, a collection of eco-friendly bags made from bark and recycled paper. And then there’s Lüme, a range of intelligent clothing with embroidery that changes colour thanks to an app which communicates via bluetooth.

Small makers are growing

Maker Faire Rome is also an ideal place for children who want to have fun. How? For example, with Bare Conductive: the marker pens which contain a special ink for designing amusing but safe electric circuits. For children of three-year and older, there are also some educational games with very creative content at In the Box Lab.

Fab Lab and intelligent repairs

Why throw away a broken item when you can repair it with your own hands thanks to tips from The Restart Project? Get involved in their workshops and give yourself something to do! On the other hand, if you need 3D printers and laser cutters close at hand, ask at Fab Lab del Muse, a special guest arriving directly from the new science museum in Trento.

Explore the complete calendar of special events on October 3rd and 4th.
Have you bought your ticket for the Exhibition Event yet? Register online and buy your ticket with a 50% off discount at the box office. More info here

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