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Five good reasons to participate in the 3D Printing Exhibition

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For a few days you can submit your participation with your 3D prints using the form posted here; remember that you have until September 24 to submit the form with the images and the sooner you do it, the sooner we can organize things in the best possible way.

There are various reasons why it is a good idea to try to attend and we think it best to remember the most important ones.

First of all, participating with your printed work in an exhibition will allow all the visitors who have never seen 3D printing to understand what can be done with these devices: they have been widely talked about, but good examples are certainly worth a thousand words.

Each print will be accompanied by the name of the work and the information that the author wants to provide, so if you are looking for contacts for business or for passion, this is an opportunity not to be underestimated, also because at the end of the exhibit, we will create an electronic catalogue of all the works on display.

Roland logoA second reason is – if you participate in the Ingenuity (Ingegnosità) category – you will have the chance to take home an iModela by Roland DG. The iModela iM-01 comes from the experience of almost thirty years in the technology of Roland’s 3D milling. iModela iM-01 is a three-dimensional modeler table that is extremely easy to use. It allows you to work with wax, resin, chemical wood and the plastics that are so popular in the world of DIY, hobbies, computer graphics and prototyping. iModela uses a mini cutter to drill, cut, dig and perform different types of processing. Different types of mini cutters can be used to make cuts, to punch holes, to shape and to give things the form you want. The iModela is a reliable, easy-to-use tool that enhances creativity and intuition, giving shape to objects created on the computer. The software application  that controls it is iModela Creator, and it is already provided with the cutter. iModela Creator guides the operations in a simple and intuitive interface. With iModela you can immediately begin to create objects, starting with the graphics or a text.

Kentstrapper logoA third reason – if you participate in the WOW category – is the Kentstrapper Volta 3D printer. The new  Kentstrapper 3D printer was born between Florence and Milan, along the imaginary line that combines the best Italian craftsmanship with the international Maker movement’s passion for research and innovation. It comes from the passion for design harboured by Patrizia and Marcello, co-founders of Tecnificio, and the experience gained in 3d printing by the Kentstrapper Maker family. This 3d printer was created with the goal of having a solid formal solution, separated from the concept of “cube”, with the goal of having a greater ​​printing area and an optimization of production and shipping costs. A new and very solid structure was designed. It can be dismounted, but at the same time, it is easy to assemble. Volta is made with a sheet of HDF (High-Density Fibreboard) laser cut and coloured in paste with natural dyes with excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance.

Sharebot-logoThe fourth reason – if you participate in the category of printing techniques – is the Sharebot Pro 3D printer. This printer is now in its third version, and offers all the major features of a high-quality 3D printer: it has a dual extruder with nozzles of 0.4 mm and is powered by a 1.75 mm cord. It has the heated plate and prints a volume of up to 20x20x20cm. Its cubic structure contains all the mechanical parts without interference in the control of the printer while it is running, while the liquid crystal display makes it possible to verify the main functions and use Sharebot Pro even without a connection to a personal computer, thanks to direct printing of files from the SD memory card. To make it even easier to print, this machine uses the  ReplicatorG software with a  specially created profile and Slic3r. Finally, this printer only exists in the version that has been assembled and calibrated by a technician, thus ensuring all the correct alignments and flawless printing operations.

Sculpteo logoThe fifth reason, lastly – if you have chosen the artistic category – is a 250 euro voucher for printing your 3D files with the professional service Sculpteo. With the FDM printers, in fact, it is possible to make very good “drafts” and pieces that do not require special materials or specific features, while with professional Sculpteo cloud printers it is easy to choose various materials such as colourful and durable plastic, with an acrylic base, alumide or even metals like silver, or special materials such as wax for melting, high detail resin, resins coated with spray colours, coloured ceramic and aggregate powder with multicoloured inks. Practically speaking, every type of object can find the best printing solution with Sculpteo, whether it is a Minecraft piece or a jewel, a mechanical part or a functional prototype. Each material has a different printing cost, but the online estimate system lets you know in just a few moments how much it will cost to print your STL files in various materials. The site www.sculpteo.com also provides very good documentation of all the steps to follow to make the best use of the 3D printing services offered. Moreover, Sculpteo gives a 10% discount voucher to all the  participants selected for the 3D Print Exhibition, to be used for their next print at Sculpteo.


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