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Open Source Makers: how to print in 3D with the Italian 3Drag

3Drag printerThe Maker movement is well rooted in Italy: on the one hand, there is Arduino, and on the other, a series of 3D printers that are all strictly Open Source. We had already talked about Kentstrapper and WASProject: today we want to talk about the 3Drag, the Futura Elettronica brainchild derived from the famous RepRap project that has inspired thousands of makers.

The man behind the 3Drag project is Boris Landoni (@boris_landoni), who together with the OpenElectronics team made the first prototype of this completely Open Source 3D printer. There is an entire website dedicated to the project and online you will also find a wiki section with all the information needed to assemble the machine and create your first objects made ​​of plastic.

However, designing an Open Source project means a lot more than providing details online about software, hardware and assembly procedures. Of course, the technical information is important, but the true value of the whole Maker movement lies in being able to create a network between people and sharing the essence of the idea. Knowing how to assemble the 3Drag also means knowing how to take it apart again and rebuild it in a new way, perhaps by changing the design and communicating that to the rest of the community.

In short, there is nothing secret in Open Source. This also applies to the 3Drag and you will understand immediately when you read this post on OpenElectronics:

“Our dream would be to see people iterate on the 3Drag project with new solutions: would you add another extruder? Why don’t you add CNC milling features? Would you change the materials? Find a clever solution to improve the machine in some of its outstanding limitations? Do you want to make a giant one and print your house?”

If you are curious to get your hands on the 3Drag and see how it works – maybe with some advice from those who know something about it – come and visit us at the Maker Faire Rome on October 5-6. During the two days of exhibition you can also interact with the Futura Elettronica team (our technical sponsor) and bombard them with questions. We’ll see you in Rome!

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