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This is a job for Makers: breathtaking footage from the Drone Dudes

Filming extreme sports with a video camera slung over one’s shoulder is even more insane than throwing oneself off a bridge. This is why Drone Dudes have thrown everything they have into their radio-controlled octocopter, fitted with an HD camera operated from the ground. If you need an amazing shot, call them and they will arrive on a fully-equipped truck. They’ll even sleep in a tent if necessary.

In this era of freelancers, it is common to meet professionals ready to face any challenge to prove themselves as good as the best. Video-makers and remote-controlled drone pilots: it’s no accident that these professions are one of the 10 types of job that surround the world of Makers. And it is no accident that many major newspapers are discovering the utility of drones in their own reporting work.

drone dudesAccording to Scott Pham, directory of the Missouri Drone Journalism Program, the next 5 years will see the skies of the USA criss-crossed by at least 7500 drones (or, more accurately, UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). In 2030, there may be as many as 30000. Reading Pham’s post on Mashable, the Makers and pilots of quadcopters should be ecstatic.

With the diffusion of UAVs and DIY tools, the need to know how to fly, fix and modify civilian drones will become ever more desirable skills in the jobs market. The example of Drone Dudes – a team based in Los Angeles comprising six professionals in the industry – makes it clear that, with the right level of know-how and passion, you can invent a real job for yourself.

This is the greatest discovery: being a Maker is not a waste of time.

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