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3D Printing Exhibition: show us something awesome!

3D-Print-ExhibitionThe 3D Printing topic is as hot as the extruded plastics just squeezed out the printing heads. Everybody talks about it and we are sure that many, among you, are already an active part of this new trend. For sure many of you makers are 3D printing, therefore Maker Faire Rome has decided to be the reference point to showcase the best, most intriguing, artistically striking, creative and ingenuous prints.

The little banner you see on the side of this text is the first visible step of our 3D Print Exhibition, conceived by Simone Majocchi (@SimonePDA) and made by Maker Faire Rome with the support of contributing Sponsors of this industry. One hundred 3D prints made by YOU will be submitted to a jury worth the best occasions and the winners will have a tangible reason to remember every day that they were recognized as the best in class.

In addition to the satisfaction of being rewarded – if chosen as best – , everyone will have the pleasure of seeing their creations on show during Maker Faire Rome in a special space, complete with a name and the right emphasis. A catalogue in electronic format will then capture for future reference all the effort spent by all of us and you for this event.

How to participate

The prints must necessarily be made ​​with an FDM printer, such as a Mendel Prusa or a one of the many RepRap versions available today. We accept prints made with a low cost 3D printer (up to € 2500, to be clear), those that are built with Open Hardware and that every user knows well, because he built it. You can also use a printer of a friend of yours or available at the school you attend if it fits the rules: in this way thanks to our sponsors you could become a new 3D printer owner.

We know you are many, therefore we will run a pre-selection based on the information you will submit using the  form we set up on this website. Please describe your creation telling us what makes it special and we will do our best to put on show the worthy ones.

Don’t submit another whistle, unless it plays – by some intricate 3D printed mechanics – the first part of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with a single blow.

You have roughly a month to submit your application and we will inform all the selected participants by the 24th of September, giving further instructions on how to proceed.

All the details and fine print is available already on the dedicated area of this website, therefore start reading and… show us something awesome!


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