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“The Metalsmith” and the art of creating at all costs

The subject of the short documentary The Metalsmith is Andy Cooperman, a metalsmith and artist who creates amazing objects. He has been working this way for more than 30 years. It is his life and he would not know what to do without it, especially now that he risks losing his sight to retinal detachment.

“Facing blindness, metalsmith Andy Cooperman renews his commitment to making things worth seeing”.

The filmmaker Dan McComb was impressed by the story of Andy and decided to tell it in a video with lighting that mimics twilight. The director explained his particular choice of blocking out the light coming from the studio windows in his post. You can see the results for yourself.

Andy CoopermanNot everything is so gloomy. Today Andy Cooperman lives in Seattle with his wife Kim and continues to work in his studio. His website displays images of his work in recent years and the images are worth seeing. In the midst of his creations you can easily lose yourself.

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