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Filabot Wee, the machine for recycling makers’ plastic

filabot WeeIt’s called the Filabot Wee and it transforms plastic pellets into filaments for 3D printers. The kit is available on the Filabot site at $620. According to the creators of the machine, producing your own plastic filaments will cost 90% less than the price of the products on the market.

All you need do is to obtain the plastic pellets and pour them into the Filabot Wee to melt them. The site also sells Filabot raw material but with a little bit of ingenuity it will not be difficult to mince up your own waste product. In this way you can produce filaments that best suit your needs (for quantity and colour).

Where does the Filabot Wee come from?

We had already talked about the Filabot project. The machine for recycling plastic and transforming it into filaments for 3D printers successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign in 2012. While waiting to deliver all the machines to the supporters of Kickstarter, the team of US developers (from Milton, Vermont) has made available to all interested parties the Wee model.

The Filabot Wee has a wooden casing which must be assembled together with all the other elements. However the plastic filament extruder must also be welded. For those who do not feel up to welding, a ready-welded model is available at a higher price.

Online you will also find an instruction manual (downloadable here) that guides you through the installation of the Filabot Wee via a series of photos. If you happen to try it out, let us know what it feels like to produce filaments by yourself. Good luck with your work!

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