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The 10 best DIY lamps available today

After seeing these photos, it’s difficult to agree that lamps are boring objects. The light bulbs themselves might remain unchanged, but everything that surrounds them can assume incredible forms. And there’s more: beyond the original design that makes each of these lamps unique, there are also 3D printing techniques and integrated Open Source hardware. Have you seen the images above? Good: then you’ll know that, with a little patience, you could build them yourselves (and with a little technical assistance from Thingiverse!)

1) Cutaway/Hollow – a polyhedric lamp made from plastic and comprised of hexagons and pentagons. The starting point for the design can be modified, altering the forms and joints. You need only find the right width of coverage to avoid obscuring too much light.

2) Ice Cream Stick Lamp – a decisively summery lamp: here you can see 5800 lollipop sticks that form an amazing structure. Obviously, you can use fewer sticks and 3D-print the base. Adjust the measurements and, with a little patience, it’s ready!

3) LED Desk Lamp – the triumph of the Makers in the field of battery-operated lamps: each individual element was created with a 3D printer. Remember to cover the electrical wires and choose the best LEDs available.

4) Ninja Sword Lamp – a sword illuminated in blue in the middle of your living room can leave a big impression. This model is fitted with a WiFi control to let you change the colour remotely. Fans of the Jedi are more than welcome to modify the design.

5) Minecraft Lamp – for fans of the eponymous, rather cubic, videogame (see here). For some, this may appear spectral and mysterious; for everyone else, it undoubtedly has a certain fascination.

6) Leaf Lamp – more than just a lamp, it’s also a leaf-shaped surface you can use to put things on, fitted with LED lights with an almost alien quality. With only a little patience, you can integrate a proximity sensor into the device to control the lighting.

7) Alien Egg – even the design itself seems alien: print these extra-terrestrial eggs and put them wherever you wish.

8) Nay Lamp – an oval lamp assembled from 35 individual parts. You can adapt this as a ceiling-mounted spotlight, or as a desk lamp. The choice is yours.

9) GlaDOS Robotic Lamp – for fans of Valve’s Portal games (the lamp is named for the main antagonist), and for fans of robots in general. Controls are included; try not to scare anyone!

10) The Good Night Lamp – OK, this is actually a product with a trademarked name: these are a series of lamps that communicate between themselves via the Internet. They demonstrate that great ideas always work.



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