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10 ways in which 3D printers will revolutionize the classroom

3D-Printing-fiWe need to have a look at the school of the future. This being said in the middle of the summer holidays, when all exams are over, it might seem absurd. Let’s clarify things right now. We’re talking about the school of the future, the one where 3D printers  are no strangers but tools for learning. This is no science fiction film vision. In fact, a school curriculum on robotics is being planned in England.

Bringing in the 3D printer in schools is not impossible. You can find a free manual (in English) online in order to find out all there is to know on the subject. If you’re still not convinced of the utility of learning how to become makers, you can take note of the 10 ways in which 3D printers can turn the classroom upside down.

Let’s do this in an orderly fashion:

1) Students interested in engineering can print out 3D prototypes quickly and thus understand how they work. And they do it all themselves.

2) The same goes for those who are following an architecture curriculum: interior and building models can be made directly in class.

3) The 3D printer can also be useful during history lessons, since one can print out the Rosetta Stone or Galileo’s telescope in a miniature format, for example, or any other instrument that may have been important for human progress.

4) For art students there is absolutely no limit to the possible creations -and recreations- of famous works of art. It is also possible to create personal works, created in 3D first and then printed out.

5) Can you imagine a geography lesson where the maps are not fixed to the walls, but rather printed out on your school desk? Mount Everest will not seem so flat to you anymore.

6) A part from valleys and mountains you can also print out cooking lesson material. In fact, there are machines that print out food directly.

7) Maybe you are passionate about cars and you would like to build one from scratch. Thanks to the more sophisticated 3D printers you can create the whole coachwork as well as other mechanical parts.

8) For those who are taking chemistry lessons,  they have the possibility of printing out entire molecules, of manipulating them and thus understanding how life works.

9) In biology class things become even more complicated, but thanks to small models of cells, organs and bones, research will become much more fun and dynamic.

10) If you are more of a mathematician, try printing out fractions, complex geometrical figures and logic games. You will not regret it.

Have we managed to convince you? If we have, you can find the 10 good reasons to have a 3D printer in the classroom on the Online Degrees diagram.

How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom

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