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WASProject and the 3D printer that wants to save the world (one bit at a time)



WASProject is a startup by Ravenna which loves to be inspired by the small – the potter wasp – and think big: a 1.5-metre high 3D printer that creates clay statues. The idea of the team, made up of makers and creative, has landed on the crowdfunding Ginger platform. The objective is to raise 70 thousand euro and make the project a reality. To help them and spread the word, there’s still time until 20 December 2013.

In the beginning, the WASProject team wanted to build an even bigger 3D printer capable of printing houses in clay. To reach this objective, the startuppers of Ravenna decided to go one step at a time and go for the first model of 1.5 metres.  In the meantime, it’s worth knowing that there are other people like Enrico Dinithe man who prints houses – who are already well on the way.


Saving the world by being inspired by buildings with low impact made ​​by wasps (the acronym ‘WASP: World’s Advanced Saving Project’ says it all) is an ambitious goal, but the makers of Ravenna have chosen the right path. In the United States and the rest of the world, some projects that have relied on crowdfunding platforms, such as UDOO and others to be found here, have had great success.

The trick is to convince people to come closer step by step to the tools and philosophy of the movement – the makers attending workshops called FabLabs also have a manifesto – to have fun. If, after playing and experimenting with 3D printers, someone decides to set up a personal project (from the making of jewellery up to laser cutting and open source electronics), they would find a community ready to share experiences and advice in an informal way.

Waiting to see the dream given by the WASProject team to crowdfunding take shape, you can take a look at the 3D printer – the PowerWASP – which is already available for those who want to start to testing themselves with digital manufacturing. It is an interesting tool because, besides creating plastic objects (26x20cm print area and up to 21 cm in height), it can also turn into a CNC milling machine. Just mount a multi-purpose drill on the moving parts of the printer and you’re done.


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