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Makers don’t go on holiday in July

Bilbao Mini Maker Faire

This summer is packed with events in the world of DIY. Instead of going on holiday you could choose to make a trip to Europe to attend the three Mini Maker Fairs planned (London, Bilbao and Dublin) or the workshops scattered across Italy and the Netherlands. And don’t miss the opening of the new FabLab in Trento.

Open Design / Shared Creativity – two full days of talks and presentations on the theme of creativity and innovative design by a score of exceptional speakers. Hurry though, you must register.
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: 5-6 July

Workshop Waag Society – FabLab Amsterdam is not closing for the holidays. Rather for the entire month of July it is organising three workshops dedicated to shopbotslaser cutters and 3D printers.
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When: 6-13-27 July

Workshop Arduino – an opportunity to get your hands on an Arduino board (maybe for the first time) and to build something amazing. The first day is dedicated to a presentation on open source hardware.
Where: Trento, Italy
When: 6-7 July

Layershift Hack Day – a 12 hour hackathon dedicated to beginners and experts. Obviously it’s free – you just have to register.
Where: Barnsley, England
When: 6 July

Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire – a makers fair in the heart of London, not to be missed. There you will find makers, fabbers, digital creators and a great series of workshops suitable for everyone.
Where: London, England
When: 6 July

Bilbao Mini Maker Faire – a two day makers fair dedicated exclusively to DIY and participation by all. What are you waiting for?
Where: Bilbao, Spain
When: 13-14 July

Dublin Mini Maker Faire – the Science Gallery of Trinity College will be packed by makers and the curious alike for a day that will be unique. Don’t let the rain put you off.
Where: Dublin, Ireland
When: 27 July

Inauguration of MUSE – the new Trento Science Museum opens to visitors: it also includes a FabLab. It’s the perfect opportunity to snoop around.
Where: Trento, Italy
When: 27 July

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