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What you missed at Innovazione dal Basso (Innovation from Below) in Arduino Camp

For two days in Turin, stories were told of change and also put into practice. On June 14, the event Innovazione dal Basso was held in the spaces of Coworking Toolbox: a journey through open source, open hardware, peer-to-peer and creative commons in the era of the new industrial revolution. It featured the organizers of Maker Faire Rome, Riccardo Luna and Massimo Banzi, Juan Carlos De Martin (Turin Polytechnic) and Leonardo Camiciotti (TOP-IX).


On the roof of Toolbox, the atmosphere was the best, as you can see for yourself from the video recording of the meeting. The many topics discussed also included failure, no longer seen as a catastrophic event to be ashamed of but as an opportunity to test one’s skills and learn from one’s mistakes. To complete the picture, don’t miss the interview with Alice and David’s interview of Riccardo Luna.


On June 15, still in the frame of Arduino Camp Italia 2013, the focus was entirely devoted to the hackathon organized at FabLab Torino. The participants, divided into groups, were challenged to redesign the circuit boards of the interfaces of several household appliances like alarm clocks and coffee makers. The “hacked” ideas proposed by the participants were truly unique.

If you’re curious, you can take a look at the timeline collected below with Seejay: you will find photos of the hackathon and several tweets from the Innovazione dal Basso event. Don’t forget that June is filled with events dedicated to makers and that the deadline for the Call for Makers, which is open to all digital artisans and creatives, is the end of the month. The best ideas and DIY creations will be invited to attend Maker Faire Rome on 3-6 October.

A few weeks ago, we described the atmosphere of a maker faire we’ve described a few weeks ago here. There will be a similar atmosphere in Rome and no lack of opportunities to talk about the subjects touched on at Innovazione dal Basso. Get ready and prepare yourself to meet a great group of makers, craftsmen and artisans of the new millennium.

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