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Five DIY costumes worth wearing

There are a great number of people all over the world who don’t wait for Halloween or Carnival times to get disguised in film costumes. Numerous are the occasions upon which we can surprise others, especially if you make the effort to make a home-made costume. In May we had already shown you five ideas for cosplay and funny games. Now it’s time to find below some tools that will help you create truly exceptional things.

Spiderman- if you want to you can shield your eyes and admire this superhero outfit, which is worth $600 in material alone. This is an outfit which is the result of a cooperation between various artisans and it would never have been able to come to life without a little bit of external help and an industrial machine or two. Don’t lose your mind, but have a look at our making of gallery and you’ll get a good idea or two so that you can create your own version of the outfit.

Auron (FF X) – the fans of the Final Fantasy saga willingly argue on which capitals are the most beautiful in the videogame. In this case, we’re looking at the tenth capital (but it’s only an example!) and the character at hand is Auron. You can confront the work on your own, but an external accessory could surely make life easier for you.

Gondorian Armour – this is no joke, not because we’re talking about the Lord of the Rings, but rather because the costume at hand is no children’s game. Firstly, there are metal components that need to be worked on by incorporating protective gloves and eye-shields. Secondly, if you want to walk around in it, do not even think of making a real sword to hold on to. The material is worth approximately 100 euro, but you will have good use for this battery of equipment. Have fun!

Iron Man – in this case we can even exaggerate: through the Gizmodo link you won’t find one, but ten concepts to be explored, copied, improved and reinvented. The costumes were created thanks to very different types of techniques: use of glass fibre, plastic as well as the indispensable glue. Take a look around at the ten different concepts and find the one that inspires you the most.

Cyborg Arm – you have no idea what one can make with just a pair of children’s skis, an old camera, a broken pram and some other old stuff you may be able to find in your garage. By adding a good dose of creativity, sculptor Mario Caicedo Langer has managed to create a cyborg arm having functioning tweezers. From now on, don’t through away things so easily.

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