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Five projects to keep an eye out for on Kickstarter

Makers that want to turn our attention to open sources cannot do so without crowd funding.  Transparency, clearly stating their objectives and the will to create a network around a specific project are all the stimulating reasons for which digital manufacturers turn to a platform like Kickstarter. Collecting the necessary funds and transforming the ideas into objects are the first steps of a creative process. If you want to follow up on some interesting stories, have a look at these projects.

The Smart Citizen Kit – assembled together with a compatible Arduion graphics card, it contains atmospheric sensors, which, when linked to your window sill will allow for you to obtain an atmospheric monitoring like you’ve never seen before. Those who make this possible are the citizens and the data collected every day concerning the healthiness of the surrounding area. The Smart Citizen Kit will be financed if it surpasses the threshold of $50,000. Behind the project lies an international network of collaborators like Tomas Diez from FabLab Barcelona (find out more here).
Deadline: 16th of June

The Buccaneer – A simple but ambitious idea lies behind this project: bring a 3D printer to a low price (from $347) into all homes. The Buccaneer project team has already convinced 1700 supporters, thanks to whom almost $660,000 have been collected. The 3D printer will be created, but you can still decide to contribute if you want to be among the first to have one. It will have a very user-friendly interface as well as allowing for projection and printing from mobile devices. The developer group has promised to put it out on open sources once the manufacturing phase has been reached.
Deadline: 29th of June

OpenBeam Kossel Pro – when it comes to the Open Beam, its open source nature is already quite strongly affirmed. The project has already collected $65,000 in donations (surpassing the critical threshold of $60,000) and once it reaches production the creators are going to give a part of their benefits to the open projects. Specifically, we’re talking about a specially designed 3D printer. In fact, the extractor is put into action using three couples of carbon fibre arms. When it goes to work it’s almost hypnotizing.

Deadline: 30th of June

OWL Programmable Effects Pedal – if you’re a musician, designer or hacker you should not lose sight of this open source pedal and the open hardware being developed for it in the UK. Having surpassed the threshold of £8000, the project has collected £15,000 in donations thanks to the help of approximately one hundred supporters. This should obviously appeal to you if you want to fiddle around with data bases, samplings or OWL codes.
Deadline: 1st of July

Bot-Logic – this is one of those serious kinds of robots and in order to understand that all you need to do is have a closer look. Other than its six legs, the Bot-Logic, still in its developing phase, boasts of an accelerometer, a Bluetooth device and a GPS system. All of its hardware is compatible with the Arduino graphics card. Up until now the project has brought together $5,000 in donations and so the threshold of $10,000 that has been fixed in order for it to succeed cannot be very far away.
Deadline: 10 of July



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