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June for Makers throughout Europe

Summer’s getting close but the Makers aren’t even thinking about going on vacation. Here’s a list of events programmed for the month of June. If we’ve forgotten anything, send us a note in the comments. We’ll update the post as soon as we discover anything new. A happy month of June to all of you!
MINI Maker Faire Barcelona IT

For the entire month of June, Amsterdam’s Waag Society will be hosting a long series of events and workshops (including for children) on themes such as digital fabrication, DIY, computer science and programming. It’s well worth taking a look at if you have a chance.
Where: Amsterdam, Holland
When: throughout June

Scroll through the events and workshops reported by MakeTank for the month of June and choose the one nearest you. For this month, seven opportunities to get to know the Makers universe better are already scheduled.
Where: Europe
When throughout June

Opencamp is only at its first edition, but it’s already aiming high. The event explores 360°new ways of producing creativity, innovation and value. Concrete examples of open culture and collaborative economy will be provided by Massimo Menichinelli (Aalto FabLab), Alessandro Ranellucci (Slic3r), Chiara Russo (Codemotion), Fabio Lalli (Indigeni Digitali), Andrea Cattabriga (Slowd) and many others.
Where: Rome, Italy
When: 5 June

TED Global returns to Edinburgh for the 2013 edition: once again this year, dozens of speakers and performers will be sharing the stage, so it’s well worth your time. Some noteworthy guests include Salvatore Iaconesi, an artist and interaction designer; Andras Forgacs, CEO of Modern Meadow; Lian Pin Koh, Drones ecologist and curator of conservationdrones.org and Eben Upton, inventor of Raspberry Pi.
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
When: 10-11-12-13-14 June

Business on Open takes stock of the open experiences that have broadened the horizons of doing business and getting involved. Among the speakers are Zoe Romano, founder of Openwear and Wefab.it and an expert on Wearable Devices for the Arduino team. Register free of charge to the event is on Eventbrite.
Where: Udine, Italy
When: 13 June

OuiShare Drink is at its fifth edition in Italy: this time around, the sharing economy meeting will be held in Padua, investigating opportunities for innovation and shared and open development in the manufacturing industry. Among the programmed pitches are Open Source Ecology Italia with its open industrial machinery, and the 3D printer by WASP Project.
Where: Padua, Italy
When: 24 June

pHEalth2013 is an international conference on personalized medicine and medical technologies. For its tenth edition, the event will also deal with new issues such as gamification and big data management. As always, everyone’s attention will be focused on wearable devices designed for caring for patients.
Where: Tallin, Estonia
When, 26-27-28 June

Makers and fabbers will be at the Barcelona Mini Maker Faire from 10 am to 8 pm. The names of the participants and exhibitors will be published shortly on the event’s site. If you’re in Spain, don’t miss out on this opportunity and stop by. Your curiosity won’t be disappointed.
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: 29 June

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