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What’s so great about a Maker Faire

There’s more than one good reason for loving California: on May 18th and 19th, for example, the Maker Faire Bay Area took place at San Mateo. These two days of full immersion into the world of Makers provided an opportunity to bring technology and manual skills up close to people. If you’d like to take part in a similar experience, you need to circle October 3rd to 6th on your calendar, which is when the European edition  of Maker Faire takes place in Rome

Maker Faire Rome is an event for everyone and, to help make the occasion a Call for Makers is currently active (until June 2nd), aimed at fabbers and makers who want to showcase their work. To understand who and what we’re talking about, have a look at this  video: it describes in the best possible way the atmosphere which prevailed in the Bay Area, and which will be following us all the way back to Italy.

At the San Mateo event, there were at least 80 different categories of exhibitors, covering a huge assortment of fabbers, makers, craftsmen, creative types and DIY enthusiasts. There was also room for all sorts of artists and performers, such as the brilliant Metamorphosis Project, or the music of Arcattack, accompanied by a Tesla coil.

The Maker Faire was also concerned with the very young, and with all aspects of new methods of education. On Saturday 18th, on the Education Stage, the Iseman brothers presented the BEST Award (Butwin Elias Science and Technology Award), a micro-grant of $1000 awarded to students involved in creativity. It’s an interesting idea which could be duplicated here in Europe.

However, the Maker Faire offered more than just piles of electronic components, Arduino boards and plastic parts for 3Dprinters.  Among the exhibitors at San Mateo there were also an impressive number of craftsmen who had rediscovered old skills and techniques. In this post you’ll find a great selection of ideas and objects which you might enjoy.

To re-explore anything you might have missed, visit the web site or the Facebook page for the San Mateo Maker Faire. For those of you in Europe, on the other hand, you have a date in Rome from October 3rd to 6th. See you there. Below are a few photos collected by SeeJay. There was really an amazing atmosphere in San Mateo, and it wasn’t only down to the charms of California.

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