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Call for Makers Extended to June 30!

Dear Makerfaire and Arduino friends,

In the past months we’ve been running around Europe with the Maker Faire tour to meet makers from many cities and for the first time we had a concrete perception that there’s a lot of tinkering and sharing in this part of the world.

I have to tell you a good news and I’d like to reach all: we decided to extend the Call for Makers for some days and allow you to defeat the procrastinator hiding in all of you ; )

The deadline to submit your application for Maker Faire Rome has now been extended to June 30. So don’t be shy or “lazy” and join us with your project!

While our team is reading submitted applications until now, those who need more time will get some other days. So make the most of it and get your applications in NOW.

If you are a Maker, Performers or Presenters.



Here are just some of the topics that we’re looking for:

- 3D Printing
- Robot
- Education
- Design
- Fashion
- Arduino
- Crafts
- Science
- Digital Fabrication
- Green
- Transportation
- Interaction
- Young Makers (under 16)

Remember that:

all the makers can post their questions and find an answer on the Arduino Forum, in the special section dedicated to MakerFaire Rome
and follow all the news and updates in the social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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