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Maker Faire Rome: latest updates following the meeting with Neil Gershenfeld

Strength behind the makers is not owed to 3D printers or laser cutters, but to people. This is what Neil Gershenfled clearly emphasized on 24 May in Rome during the Atoms, Bits & People workshop – a networking event for businesses, fabbers and onlookers organised by the Maker Faire Rome with the U.S. embassy and the Global Shapers Hub in Rome.

The event served as a warm-up for the European edition of the festival of technological creativity that originated in the U.S. and was brought to Italy by Asset Camera (link) and Tecnopolo(link).

During the meeting, Riccardo Luna – organiser of the event with Massimo Banzi – announced the new venue for the Maker Faire in Rome: Palazzo dei Congressi in EUR, Rome.

Fully experience the Makers’ movement by listening to the video interview with Neil Gershenfeld, director of the Bits and Atoms Centre in the MIT. For more information on FabLab (Fabrication Laboratories) read the interviews with Eddie Kirkby (FabLab Manchester) and Massimo Menichinelli (FabLab Aalto) guests on stage at the event in Rome on 24 May.

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is promoted and organised by World Wide Rome (a project on innovation brought forward by Asset Camera and Tecnopolo) and Arduino (an open source microcontroller making the development of ideas by digital creative minds possible).

If you are a fabber/maker/craftsman/designer or creative from anywhere in Europe and you would like to take part in the event as an exhibitor answer the Call for Makers before the 2June. Those wanting to develop their ideas into “hardware” startups can book one of the itinerant spaces of the Call for Startup Makers in Italy.

If you are curious and would like more information follow Maker Faire Rome on Facebook, Twitter (@MakerFaireRome), GooglePlus and YouTube.

If you missed the event on 24 May, the flow of tweets collected by SeeJay during Atoms, Bits & People are listed below. Be inspired.


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