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A journey through makers’ Italy

Milan, Florence and Simbario: three different cities joined together by an imaginary line that leads to innovation. In each of them, stories of fabbers and makers intertwine, told by “the Italian savoire-faire”. It is a short film published on Vimeo, entirely produced, written, directed, edited and post-produced by filmmaker Ena Granulo (@EnaKG). The original soundtrack is composed by Barnabas Folk.

The characters

Giacomoor: a wood designers’ workshop in the Loreto area which takes its name from Giacomo Moor, born in 1981. He graduated in Design from the Technical University of Milano and now works with carpentry and set up his own space with the support of other young architects, designers and cabinet-maker Gabriele Zolli. Together, they chose to join the entire production chain in the field of furniture combining designers and carpenters in a single studio. Long live the wood!
Orcocicli: Giò Pozzo, born in 1952, was a journalist. During a difficult period for the publishing industry, he decided to reinvent his job and began to design bicycles with his friend Adriano Maccarana (nicknamed the Oger). Things seem to work, and in the tiny laboratory in Milan, the two make unique steel bicycles. All cycles are custom built and assembled by hand in via Pastrengo.

PersonalFactory: Francesco Tassone, engineer born in 1979, wants to change the way construction sites operate. He manages Personal Factory in Simbario, in the province of Vibo Valentia, a company that supplies chemicals to the construction industry and provides customers with a mobile building called Origami 4. The advantages of this localised production system mainly involve savings on shipping costs of raw materials.
Kentstrapper: the Cantinis are known by everybody as the “makers family”. They live in Florence and started to enjoy 3D printing almost by chance. Today Kentstrapper is a young company specialised in the design and production of open source 3D printers. They also work closely with schools in an attempt to take the makers culture to Italian classrooms.


Ena Granulo made the short film as his graduate thesis on “Design, Visual and Multimedia Communication” at the Faculty of Architecture of the University La Sapienza of Rome. And these are his words to describe “The Italian savoire-faire”:


“A journey of Italy to discover the country’s savoire-faire. Four small great stories that tell the world of the makers, or of those who, with determination, courage, optimism, creativity and great enthusiasm, managed to turn, despite difficult times, their passion into work of the highest excellence. ”


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