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iMakr, the store for makers, opens in London


Do not be surprised if you see a clothes shop with, next to it, a store displaying 3D printers in its window. On the 30th of April, iMakr Store will open its shop in London dedicated entirely to DIY and digital production. The venue, covering 230 square metres at the heart of the city (in Farringdon), will be a sort of play area for anyone wishing to make something with their hands.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the store, iMakr has organised a meetup to welcome its first visitors. The event on the 30th of April has already been fully booked, so the organisers have decided to extend the inauguration to the following day and open the doors of the store for a second meetup.

As for the inauguration on the 30th of April, as many as 300 people have already said they will take part in the event. Of course, the promotional launches of large stores probably attract more attention, but there is that special something about the iMakr Store. It is the makers’ step towards a new industrial revolution.

At first sight, the 3D printers seem to be complex (or even overly complex) devices, but the store in London just goes to prove that the barriers of technology are breaking down, one by one. In the United States, for example, stores like the Makerbot in Manhattan are frequented not only by experienced makers but also by people curious to find out more.

Nevertheless, the only way to narrow the gap between people and 3D printing is to show them that there is space for everything and everyone. Predictably, iMakr will stack its shelves with 3D printers (including the Cube, CubeX and CubeX Trio of 3D Systems), scanners, accessories and raw materials, but will also host workshops, demonstrations and events.

The new venue in London also hopes to draw talented makers who wish to turn their ideas into something bigger and better. Furthermore, iMakr plays the role of a Venture Capital (VC): a private investment fund that identifies promising projects (like the five crowdfunding ideas we mentioned) and helps them grow.

We will see iMakr again in May to find out how it went. If you are paying a visit to Farringdon, just let us know.


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