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NapNap: an alarm that says something about you

Guglielmo, Maki and Josuè. The trio form Fablab Firenze.

They are the inventors of the NAPNAP.

I met them at the PopFabLab, a prototype fablab set among the many stands at the International Handicrafts Trade Fair.

Their idea is very clear: NapNap is an alarm clock that looks anything but. NapNap is a white plastic egg that oscillates and emits a high-pitched 1980s-style noise at a time set using a mobile device or PC. The incredible innovation of the NapNap is the intuitive way in which it is turned off: you simply need to touch it and make it oscillate to stop the alarm.

“It is an alarm that can say a lot about ourselves,” said Guglielmo. “The intensity of touch, the number of hours spent sleeping each month and how much time it takes to turn off the alarm from the moment it starts, all this helps us better understand how we live.” He also told us about the work ethic 2.0, for workers who have less need for permanent work or even for set hours.

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