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What is great about OuiShare and in the rest of Europe

Early May is all about sharing: in Paris there is OuiShare Fest, an event for creative minds, makers and fabbers from all around Europe (and not only). In addition to professional meetings, there are events for people who are simply curious and wish to hear all the latest news and share an interest in the new industrial revolution.

There are several events not to be missed in Vienna and Naples. Read on to find out more. If you take part in OuiShare, keep your eyes peeled: in Paris, you might spot Alice and Davide with their video camera. The MakerFaireRome Barcamper Tour continues, and you can follow it every step of the way here in our blog.



The Cabaret Sauvage in Paris will be brought to life for three days with a powerful injection of creativity: it is the OuiShare Fest, where thoughts and experiences relating to all fields of digital (and non-digital) creativity are pooled as part of a discussion about collaborative economics. The first two days of the festival are dedicated to professional meetings while the third day, on 4 May, is open to everyone. Make sure to book tickets on the site.
Where: Paris, France
When: 2-3-4 May

The world is not all about software; there is also a need for real and, above all, open interfaces. If you wish to find out about all the aspects of the subject (from robotics to interaction design and – why not – creative art), it is worth taking part in the Open Source Hardware Summit in Vienna. It is a full-on three-day event involving meetings, talks and exchanges of ideas.
Where: Vienna, Austria
When: 2-3-4 May

Italian makers will have a new place to express themselves from this Saturday. We Do Fab Lab officially opens in Novara, introducing all his 3D printing/laser cutting tools to everybody. Doors will be open from 4 PM to 9 PM, with a round table discussion scheduled at 5 PM. This is a great opportunity to meet the local makers “ecosystem” and start your own project. Follow We Do Fab Lab on Facebook for further information, and have fun.
Where: Novara, Italy
When: 4 May

During the OuiShare Fest you can also take part in one of the satellite events of the venture: FabJam. It is a sort of creative marathon involving many of the Fab Labs touring Europe. Because creativity is meant to be spontaneous, the themes and schedules will be announced only the day before. On the site you can put forward and vote for ideas and inform others about a local Fab Lab scheduled for May 4.
Where: Europe
When: 4 May

The Italian event of the week brings us to Naples for a new two-day Arduino Workshop. You can do many things during 16 hours in the lab; and do not worry if you have no idea where to begin. An Arduino Starter Kit is included in the price of the workshop. There will be a presentation event on 3 May open for everyone interested in finding out more.
Where: Naples, Italy
When: 4-5 May


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